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Movie Article On the Set: 'This Is Where I Leave You'
by Anthony Breznican | Sep 24, 2014

Jane Fonda flashes crew members, and Tina Fey makes babies cry; EW uncovered these secrets — and much more — last year on the set of the dysfunctional-family dramedy based on Jonathan Tropper's acclaimed 2009 novel

Legacy When 'Gandhi' Met 'E.T.'
by Anthony Breznican | Aug 29, 2014

Richard Attenborough was a respected actor and Oscar-winning director who turned an initial rivalry with Steven Spielberg into an enduring friendship

Movie Preview Horrible Bosses 2
by Anthony Breznican | Aug 14, 2014

The three hapless employees played by Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day in 2011's Horrible Bosses are…

Features Best of the Geekfest
by Anthony Breznican, James Hibberd | Aug 01, 2014

From killer robots to killer zombies, the 45th annual edition of San Diego Comic-Con was, well, killer; more than 130,000 superfans of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror gathered from July 24 to 27 for the confab that can make or break a project; here, our picks for the 10 moments that were worth camping outside Hall H to see

Cover Story Nobody Wants To Be A Hero
by Anthony Breznican | Jul 18, 2014

As ''Avengers: Age of Ultron'' begins, Iron Man, Captain America, and the gang are suffering from serious burnout, and they're about to discover that facing down the ultimate foe is even harder when...

Hollywood Insider Harrison Ford's Injury Causes Shooting Shake-Up
by Anthony Breznican | Jun 20, 2014

The actor hurt his ankle while shooting ''Star Wars: Episode VII'' this month

Hollywood Insider First Look at RDJ in 'The Judge'
by Anthony Breznican | Jun 13, 2014

Robert Downey Jr. confronts some serious daddy issues in this taut thriller about a lawyer forced to represent his father

News and Notes Star Wars Lands Its Ladies
by Anthony Breznican | Jun 06, 2014

Lupita Nyong'o and Gwendoline Christie join the cast of ''Star Wars: Episode VII''

News Article Michael Bay's Car Fetish
by Anthony Breznican | Jun 05, 2014

The director of ''Transformers: Age of Extinction'' and executive producer of the new TNT series ''The Last Ship'' may have the world's coolest job: casting the vehicles that morph into autobots and decepticons

Book Review Fourth Of July Creek
by Anthony Breznican | May 21, 2014

''Like the body of water in the Montana wilderness that gives this novel its title, Fourth of July Creek wends its way through territory that's treacherous and beautiful, often both at the same time.''

Movie Article 'Star Wars': The Cast
by Anthony Breznican | May 09, 2014

Some face of ''Episode VII'' are familiar, but many are new; a guide to who's who in the ''Star Wars'' universe

Movie Article If a Film Falls in a Forest...
by Anthony Breznican | May 02, 2014

After a sad theatrical release, Coen brothers' film, ''Gambit,'' is hoping for a second chance via VOD

News and Notes What Becomes of 'Midnight Rider'?
by Anthony Breznican | Apr 28, 2014

Filming of the biopic has been put on hold due to tragedy on set

Movie Preview Edge of Tomorrow
by Anthony Breznican | Apr 11, 2014

You know the old saying: If at first you don't succeed, die horribly in an alien battle and…

Features Transformers: Age of Extinction
by Anthony Breznican | Apr 11, 2014

Don't call it Transformers 4. Not unless you want to be stomped on by one of Michael Bay's…

Movie Preview Maleficent
by Anthony Breznican | Apr 11, 2014

She can fly! She can fly! She can — well, not anymore. In Disney's new take on its…

Movie Preview Edge of Tomorrow
by Anthony Breznican | Apr 09, 2014

Aliens. Fighting. Resurrection. What else could you possibly want from a movie?

Movie Article Dreamworks Bets on Teen Romance
by Anthony Breznican | Apr 04, 2014

The hit comic book ''Eleanor & Park'' may be coming to a theater near you in the next few years

Features Captain America: The Winter Soldier
by Anthony Breznican | Apr 03, 2014

Building a badass superhero movie requires sweat, death-defying falls, and a beat-down from Black Widow.

Features Setting The Stage
by Anthony Breznican | Mar 07, 2014

In the days leading up to the Oscars, stars by the dozens drifted through the Dolby Theatre to rehearse and greet old friends; it's always a little more fun before the TV cameras (and the pressure) are on


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