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Tina Jordan is an Editor at Large for EW.

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Book Review When Books Went to War
by Tina Jordan | Dec 17, 2014

Did you know that during WWII, the U.S. War Department and most major New York publishers banded together…

Movie Review Wild
by Tina Jordan | Dec 05, 2014

I felt a little frisson of dread when I heard that Wild was going to be made into…

Book Article 25 Essential Best Friend Novels
by Tina Jordan, Stephan Lee | Nov 28, 2014

The camaraderie in ''Missing Reels'' reminds us of some of our other favorite BFF books

Book Review Into a Raging Blaze
by Tina Jordan | Nov 26, 2014

Diplomat Carina Dymek is a rising star in Sweden's foreign-affairs ministry, handling her duties with ruthless efficiency until…

Book Article Pastry Porn From the Creator of the Cronut
by Tina Jordan | Nov 26, 2014

In ''The Secret Recipes,'' New York chef Dominique Ansel describes what inspired his most iconic creations

Book Article Having a Way With Words
by Tina Jordan | Nov 21, 2014

This reference book of purely descriptive terms is like a thesaurus, only better; and for extra inspiration, ''The Describer's Dictionary'' comes packed with real literary examples

Book Article Michael Connelly
by Tina Jordan | Oct 31, 2014

With the coming debut of ''Bosch,'' the Amazon series based on his most famous character, now is the perfect time to revisit all of Michael Connelly's novels

Book Article New in Paperback
by Tina Jordan | Oct 17, 2014

Just out: three terrific memoirs, last year's Man Booker Prize winner, and a novel based on the life of E.M. Forster

Book Review Reunion
by Tina Jordan | Oct 15, 2014

''It is nearly three days since my father walked onto his back porch and bit down on a…

Book Article Food Porn
by Tina Jordan | Oct 03, 2014

Whether you're a home chef or a foodie who salivates over sumptuous pages of photographed meals, there's something for you in this fall's crop of cookbooks

Book Article There's A Word For That
by Tina Jordan | Sep 05, 2014

In ''Lost in Translation'', Ella Frances Sanders has curated a fantastic collection of words without English counterparts

Book Review Daring
by Tina Jordan | Sep 03, 2014

Gutsy — that's the word to describe Sheehy, who elbowed her way through the journalism ranks in the…

Book Article Puppy Love
by Tina Jordan | Sep 03, 2014

Seth Casteel's fabulous 2012 photo book, ''Underwater Dogs,'' captured the exact moment that pets plunged into the pool, wide-eyed and happy; now he's repeated the experiment — with predictably adorable results — in ''Underwater Puppies''

Book Article Ten New Paperbacks To Stuff Into Your Bag
by Tina Jordan, Stephan Lee | Aug 29, 2014

As summer winds down, a new crop of cheap(er) reads is hitting shelves, most in time for Labor Day; you can also download them, since their digital prices have dropped too

TV Article 'Outlander' Series
by Tina Jordan, Rachel Orvino | Aug 07, 2014

Excited about the new Starz show? Then this is the perfect time to rip through all eight of Diana Gabaldon's brawling, sexy, smart 18th-century adventures

Book Article All the News That's Fit to Paint
by Tina Jordan | Jul 11, 2014

With tubes of gouache and fine-point brushes, Brooklyn artist Fred Tomaselli transforms the front pages of ''The New York Times'' into vivid art — and scathing social commentary

Book Article Literary Thrills & Chills
by Tina Jordan, Stephan Lee | Jul 04, 2014

If mysteries, thrillers, or just plain dark reads are your thing, then you'll love this summer's crop of twisty-turny heart-pounders

Book Article When Great Books Go Bad
by Tina Jordan | Jul 04, 2014

What happens when you discover that one of your favorite authors may have committed horrific crimes?

Book Review Hard Choices
by Tina Jordan | Jun 11, 2014

''Let's get one thing out of the way: Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for president in 2016. Despite her waffling — ''I haven't decided yet'' — this is a campaign memoir if I've ever seen one.''

Legacy The Essential Angelou
by Tina Jordan | Jun 05, 2014

Her 1969 memoir, ''I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,'' is a classic of contemporary literature (and a staple of high school English classes), but these less heralded works are also worth searching out


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