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Benjamin Svetkey has been writing about movies, TV, books and music since the EW's launch in 1990. His articles have also appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, and Time International, among other publications.

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Cover Story EW celebrates 50 years of Bond
by Benjamin Svetkey | Aug 03, 2012

James Bond is a half century old? Shocking. Positively shocking. Of course, 007 only gets better with age, which is why we're celebrating him with a complete guide to the movies (including the newest, ''Skyfall''), exclusive photos, and a tribute to Bond's best gadgets. But first, EW's Benjamin Svetkey looks back on 18 years of covering the spy we love.

Hollywood Insider George Bush Sr. has his HBO moment
by Benjamin Svetkey | Jun 08, 2012

Bush Sr. will star in a documentary about his everyday life

Hollywood Insider 'Watch' and wait: Fox drops film's tricky title
by Benjamin Svetkey | May 18, 2012

Film producer Shawn Levy has changed the movie title from ''Neighborhood Watch'' to ''The Watch'' to disassociate it from the controversy surrounding Florida teen Trayvon Martin's killing

Book Review In One Person
by Benjamin Svetkey | May 11, 2012

What is it with John Irving and transsexuals? Roberta Muldoon, the ex-football player in The World According to…

Hollywood Insider 'Sherlock''s Cumberbatch tight-lipped on 'Trek'
by Benjamin Svetkey | May 04, 2012

J.J. Abrams' ''Star Trek'' just wrapped, but movie details are still under wraps

News + Notes Val Kilmer's bizarre tribute to Twain
by Benjamin Svetkey | Apr 13, 2012

The actor portrays Mark Twain on stage as he continues his nine-performance run in his one-man show

TV Article Garrett Morris: An ex-'SNL' star breaks out on '2 Broke Girls'
by Benjamin Svetkey | Mar 30, 2012

After years away from the spotlight, the ''Saturday Night Live'' alum is back on a hit TV show. We talked to him about his drug habit, his comeback, and the controversial comedy on ''Girls''

Features Armie Hammer: A (mostly) fairy-tale life
by Benjamin Svetkey | Mar 23, 2012

He plays a charming prince opposite Julia Roberts in ''Mirror Mirror,'' and he's the real-life heir to an oil fortune. But this guy doesn't expect the royal treatment

Hollywood Insider Tony Kaye finally releases next film
by Benjamin Svetkey | Mar 09, 2012

The ''American History X'' helmer recruits Adrien Brody, ''Mad Men'' star Christina Hendricks, James Caan, and more for his follow-up film... 13 years later

Movie Article Dave Franco: A whole new Franco
by Benjamin Svetkey | Mar 09, 2012

Does the guy in the picture remind you of a certain overachieving Oscar-nominated actor? He should. Meet James Franco's younger brother Dave. With a breakout role in the comedy ''21 Jump Street,'' he's starting to carve out a place in Hollywood all his own

Features Adam Scott: You know you love him
by Benjamin Svetkey | Mar 09, 2012

Now get ready to share him with the rest of the planet. The ''Parks and Recreation'' star emerges as a true leading man in the new romantic comedy ''Friends With Kids''

Features Oscars 2012: How I'm voting
by Anthony Breznican, Benjamin Svetkey | Feb 17, 2012

We asked four high-profile Academy members to tell us, anonymously, who's getting their votes and why. Their answers may surprise you

News + Notes Year-end box office blues
by Benjamin Svetkey, Grady Smith | Dec 30, 2011

Why ticket sales stumbled in a holiday movie season full of high-profile sequels and stars

Features Celebrity safari
by Benjamin Svetkey | Mar 18, 2011

Thanks to a tour company in Los Angeles, you can now spend a day with a veteran paparazzo as he hunts his prey. Bring your camera. Leave your inhibitions

Cover Story 'Fast & Furious': Comeback kids!
by Benjamin Svetkey | Apr 09, 2009

How Vin Diesel and Co. scored a surprise smash in a sequel that nobody really wanted to make

Photo Gallery James Bond: Ranking 21 films
by Benjamin Svetkey, Joshua Rich | Nov 04, 2008

As we wait to see where ''Quantum of Solace'' fits in, we track the peaks and valleys of 007's onscreen life

Holiday Movie Preview: Cover Story 'Quantum of Solace': Exclusive pics!
by Benjamin Svetkey | Oct 30, 2008

Daniel Craig redefined 007. Now he talks about the perils of making the new film. (Who needs 10 fingertips, anyway?)

Cover Story ''The Hobbit'': Is Peter Jackson coming back?
by Benjamin Svetkey | Oct 04, 2007

After years of feuding, the ''Lord of the Rings'' director and New Line get closer to making a new Tolkien movie...and another billion dollars

Cover Story EW Exclusive: Get a sneak peek at ''Van Helsing''
by Benjamin Svetkey | Mar 17, 2004

Hugh Jackman pursues gruesome creatures -- and the summer's first smash

Spring Movie Preview Games People Play
by Benjamin Svetkey | Feb 18, 2000

BEN AFFLECK & CHARLIZE THERON (not to mention a stack of dead Santas) join in for director John Frankenheimer's "Reindeer Games"


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