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As EW's Music Editor, Leah Greenblatt writes occasionally (and opines constantly) about rock and pop music, as well as books, her second love. You can find her offering those opinions on MTV, NPR, CNN, and various other news and entertainment outlets.

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Book Review Astonish Me
by Leah Greenblatt | Apr 01, 2014

''With Astonish Me, (Shipstead) plunges readers into a wildly different but equally arcane sect of skinny, high-strung humans: professional ballet dancers. In their world, ability, not breeding, determines the caste system — which doesn't bode well for the romance of young corps member Joan Joyce and star principal Arslan Rusakov, the dazzling defector she helps smuggle into the U.S from pre-perestroika Russia.''

Book Review Frog Music
by Leah Greenblatt | Mar 26, 2014

''Donoghue builds her world so well that Frog's first half goes by like a music-box waltz. It starts to stumble a little, though, when Blanche, who has a mustache-twirling scoundrel of a lover and some very complicated maternity issues, makes choices better suited to a damsel in a dime-store novel.''

Book Review Cambridge
by Leah Greenblatt | Mar 12, 2014

''Kaysen, who famously recounted her time in a psychiatric ward in the best-selling 1993 memoir Girl, Interrupted, mines her young life once again — with diminishing returns.''

Book Review Thirty Girls
by Leah Greenblatt | Feb 12, 2014

''Thirty Girls takes a real-life atrocity — the 1996 abduction of a group of Ugandan schoolgirls by the Lord's Resistance Army — and novelizes it through the eyes of two starkly different narrators: 15-year-old Esther Akello, one of the "stolen ones," and thirtysomething New York writer Jane Wood, who comes to Africa to escape her existential malaise as much as to document what has happened there.''

Music Article Staff Playlist: 15 New Songs We Love
by Nick Catucci , Leah Greenblatt | Jan 17, 2014

Pop's superstars may be busy picking out their Grammy outfits, but we're getting cozy with these fresh songs from lesser-known names

Book Review The Ripper
by Leah Greenblatt | Jan 15, 2014

Crime writing may be the supermarket-checkout stepchild to "real" literature, but it's still a serious craft — one that Allende, alas, hasn't mastered.

Book Review A Star For Mrs. Blake
by Leah Greenblatt | Jan 01, 2014

''Cora Blake was certainly not planning on going to Paris that spring," A Star for Mrs. Blake begins. ''Or ever in her lifetime.''

News Article This Was The Year That... Good Things Came in Small Packages
by Leah Greenblatt | Dec 20, 2013

In movies, music, books, and stage plays, we've found that shorter is definitely sweeter

Music Article Jingle Bell Rock, Jingle Bell Pop
by Leah Greenblatt, Ray Rahman | Nov 29, 2013

Hark! The herald angels sing... and so do indie rockers, divas, and TV duck callers; we unwrap the latest seasonal albums

Movie Article Movies: November 29, 2013
by Owen Gleiberman, Adam Markovitz, Chris Nashawaty, Keith Staskiewicz, Leah Greenblatt | Nov 22, 2013

Capsule reviews of ''12 Years a Slave,'' ''Nebraska,'' and more

Movie Article Movies: November 15, 2013
by Owen Gleiberman, Leah Greenblatt, Chris Nashawaty, Stephan Lee | Nov 08, 2013

Capsule reviews of ''About Time,'' ''Ender's Game,'' and more

Photo Gallery: CMA Awards 2013 CMA Awards 2013: Best/worst style
by Leah Greenblatt, Bronwyn Barnes | Nov 06, 2013

Our fashion grades for Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, more

Movie Article Movies: November 8,2013
by Owen Gleiberman, Leah Greenblatt, Chris Nashawaty, Thom Geier, Stephan Lee, Missy Schwartz | Nov 01, 2013

Capsule reviews of ''All Is Lost,'' ''Blue Is the Warmest Color,'' and more

Book Review Want Not
by Leah Greenblatt | Oct 30, 2013

We are, as we've been told a thousand times by righteous gastronomes and nagging moms, what we eat.…

Movie Review Blue Is the Warmest Color
by Leah Greenblatt | Oct 16, 2013

Yes, this is the French One With All the Lesbian Sex Scenes. And oui, they are as graphic…

Movie Article Movies: October 11, 2013
by Owen Gleiberman, Melissa Maerz, Keith Staskiewicz, Leah Greenblatt, Chris Nashawaty, Adam Markovitz | Oct 04, 2013

Capsule reviews of ''Baggage Claim,'' ''Don Jon,'' and more

Book Review The Signature Of All Things
by Leah Greenblatt | Oct 01, 2013

Pity the poor author who wears the golden handcuffs of a career-defining, gazillion-selling memoir. (Or hate her; your…

Movie Article Movies: October 4, 2013
by Keith Staskiewicz, Chris Nashawaty, Adam Markovitz, Owen Gleiberman, Leah Greenblatt | Sep 27, 2013

Capsule reviews of ''Enough Said,'' ''Insidious: Chapter 2,'' and more

Book Review Cartwheel
by Leah Greenblatt | Sep 25, 2013

''Ripped from the headlines!'' is a sell we expect from Law & Order franchises and foil-font airport paperbacks…

Music Article Title Bout: Judging Same-Name Songs
by Kyle Anderson, Leah Greenblatt | Sep 06, 2013

What do Nashville princesses, naughty child stars, hirsute rock dudes, and rappers have in common? It's all in a name; we compare current hits to the older ones they share titles with