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As EW's Music Editor, Leah Greenblatt writes occasionally (and opines constantly) about rock and pop music, as well as books, her second love. You can find her offering those opinions on MTV, NPR, CNN, and various other news and entertainment outlets.

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Book Review The Witch
by Leah Greenblatt | Oct 15, 2014

Despite a reputation for happy endings, fairy tales can be famously dark; what sadist decided children should be…

Movie Review Dear White People
by Leah Greenblatt | Oct 15, 2014

''Racism is over in America,'' a character — middle-aged, male, and, yes, Caucasian — says with a dismissive…

Movie Review Rudderless
by Leah Greenblatt | Oct 15, 2014

Billy Crudup stars in William H. Macy's thoughtful directorial debut as Sam, an ad executive whose life is…

Movie Review The Overnighters
by Leah Greenblatt | Oct 08, 2014

This Sundance-award-winning documentary has been billed as a sort of modern-day Grapes of Wrath : a stark portrait…

Book Review Not That Kind of Girl
by Leah Greenblatt | Sep 26, 2014

Whatever your opinion is of Lena Dunham—and you are, as a media consumer, legally required to have one—…

Book Review Broken Monsters
by Leah Greenblatt | Sep 10, 2014

''Dead is dead,'' notes the first detective on site at the brutal crime scene that opens Broken Monsters…

Music Article Record Shopping with Paul Banks
by Leah Greenblatt | Aug 29, 2014

The frontman for Interpol — who will release their first album in four years, ''El Pintor'', on Sept. 9 — sifts through the stacks at a New York record store and revisits the artists and albums that shaped him

Music Article Fall Music Guide 2014
by Leah Greenblatt | Aug 29, 2014

All the big names -- Taylor! Kanye! Foos! -- plus the smaller stuff you don't want to miss

Movie Review The Last of Robin Hood
by Leah Greenblatt | Aug 28, 2014

An aging matinee idol; a chorus-girl Lolita; a vodka-sozzled stage mom: The story of legendary swashbuckler Errol Flynn's…

Movie Review Abuse of Weakness
by Leah Greenblatt | Aug 15, 2014

There may not be two women currently working in European cinema who enjoy licking the razor's edge of…

Movie Review Jealousy
by Leah Greenblatt | Aug 15, 2014

French director Philippe Garrel cast his tousle-haired son Louis (Saint Laurent) as a struggling actor who leaves his…

Book Review The Miniaturist
by Leah Greenblatt | Aug 13, 2014

Eighteen-year-old Nella Oortman arrives on her new husband's doorstep in 1686 with a small trunk, a birdcage for…

Book Review Big Little Lies
by Leah Greenblatt | Jul 30, 2014

Like the kingdom lost for want of a nail, the troubles of Big Little Lies begin with one…

Movie Review Sex Tape
by Leah Greenblatt | Jul 17, 2014

Once upon a time in college, Jay (Jason Segal) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) met and fell in love…

Movie Review I Origins
by Leah Greenblatt | Jul 16, 2014

''I Origins is a small movie with extra-large ambitions: a globe-spanning faith-vs.-science thriller/French New Wave-style romance/metaphysical tease on a Sundance budget.''

Movie Review Very Good Girls
by Leah Greenblatt | Jul 16, 2014

''Very Good Girls is not, alas, a very good movie, but that's more a problem of plotting than pedigree.''

Book Review Lucky Us
by Leah Greenblatt | Jul 16, 2014

Eva Acton isn't lucky at all. A knock-kneed teenage bookworm from nowhere, Ohio, she is largely unloved and…

Book Review The Girls From Corona Del Mar
by Leah Greenblatt | Jul 09, 2014

''Girls' raw, lyrical tone resonates — a gratifyingly honest dispatch from the battle lines of young womanhood.''

Movie Review Movies: July 4, 2014
by Leah Greenblatt, Joe McGovern, Stephan Lee | Jun 25, 2014

Capsule reviews of ''La Bare,'' ''They Came Together,'' and more

Book Review The Actress
by Leah Greenblatt | Jun 25, 2014

''Sohn usually has a gift for awful characters...But the story is oddly airless, and her telling lacks both the cheap thrills of a trashy paperback and the deeper insights of literary fiction.''


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