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Feature A Billion-Dollar Affair
by Karen Valby | Oct 17, 2014

Romance novels were once the book world's dirty little secret. No more. Thanks in part to e-readers and ''Fifty Shades of Grey,'' they're now the hottest fiction genre going. An EW special report.

Book Review Hand to Mouth
by Karen Valby | Oct 01, 2014

Honestly, I can hardly believe that Linda Tirado's Hand to Mouth exists. I'd probably still doubt it, were…

Features State of Affairs
by Karen Valby | Sep 12, 2014

After a few years out of the spotlight, Katherine Heigl returns to her small-screen roots with NBC's new political drama; we ask the star about taking on the role of CIA analyst Charleston Tucker, the sudden loss of ''State'''s showrunner, and the best way to deal with a difficult reputation

TV Article Five Questions About... Cristela
by Karen Valby | Sep 12, 2014

Cristela Alonzo was tired of auditioning to play a housekeeper, so the 35-year-old comedian created a house of her own: ABC's new semi-autobiographical sitcom ''Cristela'' about a legal intern (Alonzo) balancing work and family in Texas; here's how she did it

Book Review Station Eleven
by Karen Valby | Sep 10, 2014

Perhaps the very idea of another postapocalyptic tale exhausts you, but do stay, linger for a bit. Emily…

Features Elena Ferrante: The Writer Without A Face
by Karen Valby | Sep 05, 2014

In a rare interview, the Italian literary sensation concealed behind the pseudonym Elena Ferrante talks about her inspirations, her savagely smart novels, and her insistence on anonymity

Movie Review Kelly & Cal
by Karen Valby | Sep 03, 2014

The biggest takeaway from Kelly & Cal , a wonderfully honest and tender film about the bitter pill…

Movie Preview Tracks
by Karen Valby | Aug 15, 2014

In 1977, a young Australian woman, desperate to strip away the noise and artifice of life, set out…

Movie Preview Annie
by Karen Valby | Aug 14, 2014

Little Orphan Annie has a lot of fans. So director Will Gluck ( Friends With Benefits ) knows…

News and Notes Let's Kick Through the Glass Ceiling. Now.
by Karen Valby | Aug 08, 2014

Nicole Perlman is the first woman to get a screenwriting credit on a Marvel movie; here's hoping she's the first of a new wave

Features Take That, Taliban!
by Karen Valby | Jul 18, 2014

A radical animated series from Pakistan, ''Burka Avenger,'' features a heroine who battles oppression with ideas (and pens) mightier than the sword

TV Review Welcome To Sweden
by Karen Valby | Jul 02, 2014

The title of Greg Poehler's new comedy Welcome to Sweden , about a New York accountant named Bruce…

News and Notes They're Worth More Than Their Weight
by Karen Valby | Jun 27, 2014

Can we please shift the focus away from actresses' bodies — and onto their bodies of work? Melissa McCarthy, for one, deserves better

Book Review Take This Man
by Karen Valby | Jun 11, 2014

''Skyhorse's memoir is a West Coast version of Augusten Burroughs' Running With Scissors. Both boys were at the mercy of outrageous mothers who dazzled their sons with their wild sense of drama.''

News and Notes A Battle by the Books
by Karen Valby | Jun 05, 2014

Amazon wants a bigger bite of Hachette's sales; how this industry showdown affects you -- and the entire future of publishing

Movie Article Fluffy's Diet Tips
by Karen Valby | Jun 05, 2014

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias has his first concert film, ''The Fluffy Movie,'' and a slimmer physique, so does he need a new nickname?

Book Review We Are Called To Rise
by Karen Valby | May 21, 2014

''What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. At least that's the verbal handshake delivered in most Sin City stories. But then Laura McBride's stirring first novel, We Are Called to Rise, set in suburban planned developments and trash-strewn rough neighborhoods, is unlike any Vegas tale I've ever read, mostly because it's about the ordinary people who call it home.''

Movie Article Life Lessons from Robert Duvall
by Karen Valby | May 16, 2014

The respected actor shares with us a few pearls of wisdom

Book Review Bellweather Rhapsody
by Karen Valby | May 07, 2014

''The Catskills, 1982. A young girl in a cranberry-wine bridesmaid dress witnesses a murder-suicide in room 712 of the old Hotel Bellweather. Fifteen years later that tender child, Minnie — now grown into a nervous, reclusive woman — returns to the scene of the crime along with hundreds of amped high school musicians participating in the annual Statewide festival.''

Book Review A Fighting Chance
by Karen Valby | Apr 23, 2014

''Sen. Elizabeth Warren's memoir — which covers her modest Oklahoma roots as the daughter of a telephone operator and a maintenance man, her steely battles against big banking's Too Big to Fail mentality, and her victory in Massachusetts — achieves what political memoirs rarely do.''


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