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Photo Gallery 'Walking Dead': 6 stars on how they'd like their characters to die
by Dalton Ross | Aug 31, 2014

Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Chad L. Coleman, and Michael Cudlitz envision proper endings

Photo Gallery 'Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water': Meet the 9 pairs
by Dalton Ross | Aug 27, 2014

Ex-MLB player John Rocker and his girlfriend; ''Amazing Race'' twins; and more loved ones competing to win $1 million

Photo Gallery 'Walking Dead': Gareth's road trip to Terminus
by Dalton Ross | Aug 13, 2014

New cast member Andrew J. West shares his photos of the drive from California to Georgia for his role in season 5

News and Notes Ask Dalton
by Dalton Ross | Aug 01, 2014

Are ''Star Wars'' fans morally obligated to educate newbies? What's the real statute of limitations on spoilers? Our pop culture expert has the answers

TV Preview 'The Walking Dead'
by Dalton Ross | Jul 18, 2014

What to expect from AMC's hit show in the coming season

Movie Preview 'Air'
by Dalton Ross | Jul 18, 2014

In Spring 2015, Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou will join forces to save humanity on the silver screen

News and Notes Ask Dalton
by Dalton Ross | Jul 04, 2014

Are DVR battles hurting your marriage? What are the ethics of sneaking food into theaters — or watching lowbrow reality TV? Our resident pop culture omnivore offers his sage advice

Photo Gallery 'Big Brother': Meet the new cast
by Dalton Ross | Jun 19, 2014

A Tucson barista, a YouTube personality, a minister, more move in; first impressions?

News and Notes My Poor, Poor DVR -- It's 'Hope'-less
by Dalton Ross | Mar 21, 2014

Fox has canceled the sitcom gem ''Raising Hope'' — and there's only one person to blame for this travesty: me

News and Notes 'The Walking Dead' Crosses a New Line
by Dalton Ross | Mar 21, 2014

[Spoiler Alert!] Showrunner Scott M. Gimple has details on Lizzie and Carol's confrontation

Photo Gallery 'Orphan Black': 8 faces of Tatiana
by Dalton Ross | Mar 14, 2014

Sarah to Cosima to Jennifer -- our guide to all the clones brought to life by Ms. Maslany

Cover Story Attack of the Clones
by Dalton Ross | Mar 14, 2014

They're coming for your love, TV fans, so don't fight it; everything about ''Orphan Black'' -- from its juicy sci-fi conspiracy to the astounding performance(s) by Tatiana Maslany -- makes this show one cult you'll want to join

Photo Gallery 'Orphan Black' season 2: New pics/EW portraits
by Dalton Ross | Mar 13, 2014

First Look at upcoming scenes, plus Tatiana Maslany gets cloned at our photo shoot

News and Notes How To Make TV Even More Awesome
by Dalton Ross | Feb 21, 2014

Networks are desperate for ''event'' TV that viewers will watch live; lucky for them I have some ideas involving zombies and pudding

TV Review Bates Motel
by Dalton Ross | Feb 19, 2014

''As mother-and-son oddballs Norma and Norman Bates, Farmiga and Highmore tag-teamed to make season 1 of A&E's modern-day Psycho prequel one of the best new shows of 2013. The duo were so mesmerizing in their twisted, dysfunctional relationship, however, that it was easy to overlook the issue that some of the plotlines surrounding them didn't always measure up.''

TV Article 'Dead' Ahead
by Dalton Ross | Feb 07, 2014

The prison has fallen, baby Judith may be dead, Hershel is definitely dead, and the survivors are once again on the run; what fresh hell will be unleashed when AMC's ''The Walking Dead'' returns (Feb. 9, 9 p.m.) for the second half of season 4?

Photo Gallery 'Walking Dead' First Look: 7 new photos!
by Dalton Ross | Feb 05, 2014

Glenn seeks higher ground; Daryl in the woods; Michonne's new pets; more peeks

Photo Gallery: 'Survivor' 'Survivor: Cagayan': Meet the cast!
by Dalton Ross | Jan 22, 2014

Profiles of all 18 contenders on the Brawn, Brains, and Beauty tribes

News and Notes It's Reigning Cats and Dogs Out There
by Dalton Ross | Jan 17, 2014

Here's the (pooper) scoop on the biggest sporting events of the year: ''Puppy Bowl'' and its frisky new rival, ''Kitten Bowl''

TV Review Almost Human
by Dalton Ross | Dec 11, 2013

Almost Human is not the first TV show to pair a human and an android as police-force partners.…


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