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Photo Gallery 10 younger men with older women in movies before 'The Boy Next Door'
by Tim Stack, Marc Snetiker | Jan 23, 2015

Jennifer Lopez's latest misses the cut in our ranking of memorable May-December on-screen romances

This Was The Year That... Twitter Got Piiiiiissssedd
by Eric Renner Brown , Bill Keith, Chris Lee, Adam Markovitz, Molly Simms, Marc Snetiker, Dan Snierson, Tim Stack, Keith Staskiewicz, Nina Terrero , Carolyn Todd | Dec 01, 2014

A rascally man-child drag-raced a Lamborghini, two fame hounds spent a mint on a wedding that was Liberace-level extravagant, and an old-guard supergroup invaded your iTunes account like a pack of musical Vikings. Is your blood boiling yet? By adding up tweets inspired by the year's most inglorious events, we hereby gauge the Year in Rage.

This Was The Year That... Pharrell's Hat: I Finally Got a Head
by Eric Renner Brown , Bill Keith, Chris Lee, Adam Markovitz, Molly Simms, Marc Snetiker, Dan Snierson, Tim Stack, Keith Staskiewicz, Nina Terrero , Carolyn Todd | Dec 01, 2014

The most-talked-about accessory finally breaks its silence

This Was The Year That... We All Got a Booty Call
by Tim Stack | Dec 01, 2014

Backsides were front and center in music, television, and pop culture this year

Features The Man Behind the Masks
by Tim Stack | Nov 27, 2014

He can't outrun bullets or hit a bullseye from a mile away. But Greg Berlanti, the co-creator of The CW's ''Arrow'' and ''The Flash,'' has an even better superpower: creating hit shows.

Cover Story Game On, Pitches!
by Tim Stack | Nov 21, 2014

No one thought it would be a hit -- too much singing, not enough superheroes -- but ''Pitch Perfect'' belted its way into a $113 million worldwide grand slam, spawning a smash single and a DVD sensation; now the balladeer Bellas are back for another a cappella ass whupping and we've totally got a toner

TV Article 'American Horror Story': Finn Wittrock Tells Tales
by Tim Stack | Nov 21, 2014

The 30-year-old, who plays socialite serial killer Dandy Mott on ''American Horror Story: Freak Show,'' talks about clowning around

Music Review Nick Jonas
by Tim Stack | Nov 07, 2014

In case you've missed his recent crotch-grabbing pictorials, this former boy-bander wants you to know he's all grow'd…

News and Notes 'American Horror Story''s Worlds Collide
by Tim Stack | Nov 07, 2014

The truth is out: All seasons of ''AHS'' are connected; let the speculation begin

Movie Article empty shell
Nov 07, 2014
Features 2004: 'Mean Girls'
by Tim Stack | Nov 06, 2014

Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried, and Tina Fey look back on the making of the classic teen comedy

News and Notes The most provocative show on TV?
by Tim Stack | Oct 23, 2014

The latest smash-hit series out of Shondaland, ABC's ''How to Get Away With Murder,'' refuses to shy away from anything

Music Review Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics
by Tim Stack | Oct 15, 2014

The Queen of Soul delivers a rollicking take on Adele's ''Rolling in the Deep,'' but covers of other…

TV Article Alfred Enoch
by Tim Stack | Sep 26, 2014

Meet the charming 25-year-old Brit who plays one of the star pupils on ''How to Get Away With Murder''... just don't expect him to give away any of the show's secrets

TV Article American Horror Story: Freak Show
by Tim Stack | Sep 11, 2014

Ryan Murphy’s latest wild installment ups the crazy with a showstopping cavalcade of the gloriously grotesque

TV Article How to Get Away With Murder
by Tim Stack | Sep 11, 2014

Shonda Rhimes twisty new legal thriller is the latest hold-on-for-dear life addition to the Shondaland theme park

Movie Preview The Skeleton Twins
by Tim Stack | Aug 15, 2014

In this dark dramedy, Saturday Night Live alums (and real-life friends) Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader play estranged…

Movie Preview Wild
by Tim Stack | Aug 14, 2014

The star of bubbly hits Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama doesn't seem like the obvious choice to…

Cover Story All The President's Men (& Women)
by Tim Stack | Aug 08, 2014

''House of Cards''' Kevin Spacey reveals the people -- real and fictional -- who have helped him create the most insidious president in TV history

TV Preview 'The Flash'
by Tim Stack | Jul 18, 2014

Come October, the CW's bringing DC Comic's hot-footed superhero to our televisions


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