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Movie Review Magic in the Moonlight
by Chris Nashawaty | Jul 18, 2014

Woody Allen movies are like birthday presents. We receive them once a year, they come wrapped in familiar…

Movie Review Land Ho!
by Chris Nashawaty | Jul 16, 2014

''A delightfully poignant comedy about loneliness, friendship, and aging.''

Movie Review Boyhood
by Chris Nashawaty | Jul 09, 2014

This coming of age film was shot over the course of 12 years so that the actors can age naturally as oppose to using make-up.

Movie Review Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
by Chris Nashawaty | Jul 09, 2014

''Caesar is home''. In the end of Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), Caesar declared that he was home in the woods. In this film he's fighting to keep it.

Movie Review Life Itself
by Chris Nashawaty | Jul 02, 2014

''Now, a little over a year after [Roger Ebert's ]death from cancer, that man, in all of his complexity, comes alive again in Steve James' bittersweet tribute to the most famous critic in America.''

Movie Review Transformers: Age of Extinction
by Chris Nashawaty | Jun 27, 2014

This Transformer movie isn't a sequel, instead it's the first of a new trilogy.

Features A Brief History of the Cinematic Apocalypse
by Chris Nashawaty | Jun 27, 2014

Ticket sales don't lie: we love to watch the world burn, but movies about our demise say more about our present than about our future

Movie Review Snowpiercer
by Chris Nashawaty | Jun 26, 2014

The film sucks you into its strange, brave new world so completely, it leaves you with the all-too-rare sensation that you've just witnessed something you've never seen before...and need to see again.

Movie Review Third Person
by Chris Nashawaty | Jun 19, 2014

''Paul Haggis's latest collection of interlocking vignettes is an overly complicated hash of heavy-handed metaphors and melodramatically one-note characters who are all trying to say something profound about trust, forgiveness, and love — namely, that they're important. ''

Movie Review Jersey Boys
by Chris Nashawaty | Jun 19, 2014

''The biggest problem is that the film, written by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, never makes a convincing case for why Valli the man or the singer matters beyond the music.''

Movie Review Movies: June 20, 2014
by Joe McGovern, Lindsey Bahr, Leah Greenblatt, Chris Nashawaty, Missy Schwartz | Jun 13, 2014

Capsule reviews of ''Hellion,'' ''The Rover,'' and more

Movie Review Movies: June 27, 2014
by Chris Nashawaty, Joe McGovern, Keith Staskiewicz | Jun 13, 2014

Capsule reviews of ''Borgman,'' ''Code Black,'' and more

Movie Review 22 Jump Street
by Chris Nashawaty | Jun 11, 2014

''If you loved 21 Jump Street, you're in luck: The sequel, 22 Jump Street, is the exact same movie. Since the first film was such a fast and fizzy buddy-cop bromance, that's not the worst news in the world. But it is a bit of a disappointment. Reprising their Mutt-and-Jeff routine, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum play undercover narcs Schmidt and Jenko, who are assigned to go back to school and pose as students to sniff out a drug ring.''

Movie Article Movies: June 13, 2014
by Leah Greenblatt, Chris Nashawaty, Joe McGovern | Jun 06, 2014

Capsule reviews of ''Obvious Child,'' ''Trust Me,'' and more

Movie Review The Fault In Our Stars
by Chris Nashawaty | Jun 04, 2014

''In the opening voice-over of the funny, sweet, three-hankie tearjerker The Fault in Our Stars, Shailene Woodley's terminally ill 16-year-old Hazel Grace Lancaster tells the audience what kind of movie they're about to see. Or rather, what kind they're not about to see.''

Movie Review Edge Of Tomorrow
by Chris Nashawaty | Jun 04, 2014

''Despite its terribly unimaginative title, Edge of Tomorrow is a surprisingly imaginative summer action movie. I have to admit, I had my doubts going in. After all, it's been only a little over a year since Tom Cruise's last razzle-dazzle sci-fi spectacle, Oblivion.''

Movie Review A Million Ways to Die in the West
by Chris Nashawaty | May 29, 2014

''Seth MacFarlane's raunchy, rat-a-tat parody is proof beneath the bratty immaturity lays the head and heart of an outrageous quick-draw satirist''

Movie Review Movies: May 30/June 6, 2014
by Joe McGovern, Stephan Lee, Leah Greenblatt, Chris Nashawaty, Adam Markovitz | May 22, 2014

Capsule reviews of ''Horses of God,'' ''Korengal,'' and more

Movie Review X-Men: Days Of Future Past
by Chris Nashawaty | May 21, 2014

''It's been 14 years since Bryan Singer kicked off the X-Men movie franchise. In the interim, through seven films, we've been treated to sequels, prequels, sidequels, and requels. Whether you're a rabid comic-book collector or a casual fan of mutant mayhem, that's a lot to wrap your skull around.''

Movie Review Cold In July
by Chris Nashawaty | May 21, 2014

''Fathers and sons, crime and punishment, and sin and salvation are the Old Testament themes of director Jim Mickle's juicy slice of East Texas pulp fiction.''