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Movie Review Transcendence
by Chris Nashawaty | Apr 18, 2014

''Artificial intelligence isn’t just the villain in the muddled techno-thriller Transcendence''

Movie Review Draft Day
by Chris Nashawaty | Apr 11, 2014

Counting out Kevin Costner in a sports movie is a sucker's bet. Like Robert De Niro clad in…

Movie Review Joe
by Chris Nashawaty | Apr 09, 2014

They may be all too rare these days, but there are still occasions when Nicolas Cage can surprise…

Movie Review Only Lovers Left Alive
by Chris Nashawaty | Apr 09, 2014

''It's always a thrill to see what an artist as singular as Jarmusch will do next. I just wish that his foray into the world of the undead had a little more to sink its beautiful fangs into.''

Photo Gallery: In Memoriam Mickey Rooney: 16 memorable roles
by Chris Nashawaty | Apr 07, 2014

Late actor's career spans nearly all of Hollywood's history; a look back

Movie Article Under the Skin
by Chris Nashawaty | Apr 02, 2014

Johnny Depp did it for years. James Franco can't stop. Now Scarlett Johansson is trying her luck. Why do A-listers make art films, and must we be forced to watch?

Movie Review The Raid 2
by Chris Nashawaty | Mar 26, 2014

Action sequels have been upping the ante for years -- often to ludicrous ends. The ultraviolent Indonesian indie 'The Raid 2' may not be a study in restraint, but it knows just how far over the top to go.

Movie Review Muppets Most Wanted
by Chris Nashawaty | Mar 21, 2014

''Even though it's always a joy to spend a couple of hours in the company of Fozzie, Miss Piggy, and Animal, you can't help but get the feeling that this time around something is missing.''

Movie Review Nymphomaniac: Volume I
by Chris Nashawaty | Mar 19, 2014

''The star of the film is Lars von Trier's own messy private demons, which he's decided to grapple with publicly instead of in a shrink's office.''

Movie Review Jodorowsky's Dune
by Chris Nashawaty | Mar 19, 2014

It remains one of the great what-ifs in movie history. What if Alejandro Jodorowsky, the eccentric Chilean auteur…

Movie Article Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club
by Chris Nashawaty | Mar 14, 2014

''Tyler Perry’s latest hit-and-miss melodrama goes out to all the frazzled, stretched-thin, underappreciated solo mothers juggling work, kids, and no-good exes.''

Movie Review 300: Rise of an Empire
by Chris Nashawaty | Mar 05, 2014

Proving the old adage that those who cough up 10 bucks to see history are doomed to repeat…

Movie Article Movies: March 7, 2014
by Owen Gleiberman, Chris Nashawaty | Feb 28, 2014

Capsule reviews of ''About Last Night,'' ''Endless Love,'' and more

Movie Review Non-Stop
by Chris Nashawaty | Feb 26, 2014

'Neeson is a straight-faced secret weapon. With his lion's roar and can-do fists, he grounds the film's more preposterous moments and makes them feel excitingly tense.''

Movie Review Stalingrad
by Chris Nashawaty | Feb 26, 2014

It's easy to see why Fedor Bondarchuk's WWII megaproduction Stalingrad was the top-grossing Russian film of 2013: The…

Movie Review Omar
by Chris Nashawaty | Feb 19, 2014

''[Omar] manages to punch you in the gut and break your heart at the same time. A-''

Movie Review Winter's Tale
by Chris Nashawaty | Feb 12, 2014

''You may find yourself either stifling a sniffle by the film's end credits or rolling your eyes and groaning. There isn't much middle ground.''

Movie Article Movies: Feb. 14, 2014
by Chris Nashawaty, Clark Collis, Owen Gleiberman, Adam Markovitz | Feb 07, 2014

Capsule reviews of ''The Last of the Unjust,'' ''Love & Air Sex,'' and more

Movie Review Tomorrow Night
by Chris Nashawaty | Feb 05, 2014

Would you pay five bucks to see the stuff in the back of Louis C.K.'s closet? If so,…

Photo Gallery 16 films with Sundance buzz: EW critics' take
by Owen Gleiberman, Chris Nashawaty | Jan 26, 2014

Owen Gleiberman and Chris Nashawaty on ''Skeleton Twins,'' ''Nymphomaniac,'' more they saw


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