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Photo Gallery: First Look 'Powers': Michelle Forbes, Eddie Izzard, and more exclusive photos from PlayStation series
by James Hibberd | Dec 02, 2014

First pics of Sharlto Copley, Susan Heyward, Noah Taylor, Olesya Rulin bringing characters from comic to life

TV Article A Man, an Anaconda, and a Quest To Save the Earth
by James Hibberd | Nov 27, 2014

Discovery's Paul Rosolie is willing to be swallowed by a 20-foot snake if it makes you care about the rain forest

News and Notes 'Game of Thrones': The Reign in Spain
by James Hibberd | Oct 31, 2014

Thought you were a ''Thrones'' superfan? You've been put to shame.

TV Article Leaving reality behind
by James Hibberd | Oct 30, 2014

The very networks that gave us the 'Housewives' and the 'Kardashians' are launching scripted shows. Is it the end of reality?

News and Notes What Streams May Come
by James Hibberd | Oct 24, 2014

Recent announcements from HBO and CBS suggest a shift toward an entirely pay-per-view world, but is that really what we want?

News and Notes Fall TV Face-off
by James Hibberd | Oct 10, 2014

Can the season's rookie shows unseat last year's MVPs?

Photo Gallery: Fall TV 2014 Fall TV ads graded: Best & worst of 2014
by James Hibberd | Sep 22, 2014

From ''Gotham'' to ''Sons of Anarchy,'' James Hibberd's annual take on promo ads that stun and stumble

Features Gotham
by James Hibberd | Sep 12, 2014

We look at Fox's new superhero drama

Features The Flash
by James Hibberd | Sep 12, 2014

Everything about ''The Flash'' happened fast; producers conceived the spin-off only two months after ''Arrow'' premiered in October 2012; they cast the first actor who auditioned to star; now, just two years later, ''The Flash'' will debut on The CW as one of fall's most anticipated shows; and if you give us a couple of quick minutes, we'll tell you how it happened

TV Article Grimm
by James Hibberd | Sep 12, 2014

The thriller picks up right where the finale left off, with Nick (David Giuntoli) having lost his ability to spot Wesen (German for ''creature'') — the mythology-inspired monsters hiding in plain sight; now Nick will have to lean on Trubele (Jacqueline Toboni) as his seeing-eye Grimm; here a sneak peek at the baddies set to haunt slayers Nick and partner Hank (Russell Hornsby)

TV Article Nine Questions About... 'Gracepoint'
by James Hibberd | Sep 12, 2014

A Time Lord and Skyler White team up in this remake of ''Broadchurch'', which has David Tennant (star of the original) and Anna Gunn (''Breaking Bad'') investigating a boy's murder; but first they have to answer to us

Photo Gallery Winners and losers of Summer 2014
by Kyle Anderson, Lindsey Bahr, James Hibberd, Stephan Lee | Sep 02, 2014

Our MVPs and disappointments from the season in movies, TV, music, and books

Movie Article Summer Winners & Losers
by Kyle Anderson, Lindsey Bahr, James Hibberd, Stephan Lee | Aug 28, 2014

So long, sunscreen. As Labor Day looms, we take a look at the pop culture triumphs--and tragedies--we've witnessed this season.

Features Best of the Geekfest
by Anthony Breznican, James Hibberd | Aug 01, 2014

From killer robots to killer zombies, the 45th annual edition of San Diego Comic-Con was, well, killer; more than 130,000 superfans of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror gathered from July 24 to 27 for the confab that can make or break a project; here, our picks for the 10 moments that were worth camping outside Hall H to see

Hollywood Insider 'Ninja' Phenom Makes History
by James Hibberd | Aug 01, 2014

''American Ninja Warrior'' fans were wowed recently by contestant Kacy Catanzaro's incredible performance

News and Notes Emmy's Biggest Surprises
by Hillary Busis, James Hibberd, Amber Ray | Jul 18, 2014

The ceremony may be a month away, but the recent nominations provoked enough intrigue and outrage to keep viewers buzzing until the big night

TV Preview 'Dig'
by James Hibberd | Jul 18, 2014

The USA Network will debut the ambitious new show this fall

Features Breaking Geek
by Marc Snetiker, Tim Stack, James Hibberd | Jul 18, 2014

Say hello to your new superheroes (and crime fighters and sword swingers) -- these five faces are about to earn a permanent place in Hall H

News and Notes Elsa and Anna's Small-Screen Adventure
by James Hibberd | Jul 18, 2014

Exclusive! The showrunners for ''Once Upon a Time'' spill secrets about their upcoming ''Frozen'' story line (alas, no Olaf)

TV Preview 'Gotham'
by James Hibberd | Jul 18, 2014

Ben McKenzie, Sean Pertwee, and Jada Pinkett Smith star in Fox's upcoming series about the notoriously troubled city


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