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Jeff Jensen, an EW Senior Writer, has been despondent since the cancellation of Twin Peaks.

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TV Review Z Nation
by Jeff Jensen | Sep 12, 2014

Once upon a time, being a zombie meant something. The films of George Romero— Night of the Living…

TV Review Gotham
by Jeff Jensen | Sep 10, 2014

There's a bat-shaped hole at the heart of Gotham , a crime serial set in the world of…

TV Review Sons Of Anarchy
by Jeff Jensen | Sep 03, 2014

The last days of Sons of Anarchy begin with a state-of-the-union montage set to a melancholy cover of…

Photo Gallery: Emmys 2014 Emmys 2014 predictions: How'd we do?
by Jeff Jensen, Melissa Maerz | Aug 25, 2014

Jeff Jensen and Melissa Maerz made their picks--see the winners and how the forecasts turned out

Movie Preview Interstellar
by Jeff Jensen | Aug 14, 2014

Christopher Nolan, the director who made Batman soar to arty heights and turned Leonardo DiCaprio into a top-spinning…

TV Review Legends
by Jeff Jensen | Aug 07, 2014

Sean Bean is making a killing out of losing his head. Of course there was that business on…

TV Review Outlander
by Jeff Jensen | Jul 30, 2014

With a reputation for gratuitous flesh and boning, Starz is the last place you'd expect to find a…

Photo Gallery: Comic-Con 2014 Comic-Con 2014: Doc Jensen's datebook
by Jeff Jensen | Jul 23, 2014

Four days of panels we've got circled, from ''Hannibal'' to ''Archer'' to Weird Al

News and Notes We're Still Not Over It
by Jeff Jensen | Jul 18, 2014

Sorry, Academy, but these three snubs are still smarting

TV Review The Killing
by Jeff Jensen | Jul 16, 2014

As resilient and plucky as the little engine that could ( I think I can, I think I…

TV Review Gang Related
by Jeff Jensen | May 14, 2014

''Pity the thugs of Gang Related — it ain't easy making a dishonest living when the fuzz don't play by the rules.''

TV Review Penny Dreadful
by Jeff Jensen | May 07, 2014

''Grim heroes and deranged monsters. Black magic and bloody horror. Such is the sensationalistic stuff of contemporary pop culture — and Victorian England's penny dreadfuls, lurid adventure serials published on cheap paper.''

TV Review 24: Live Another Day
by Jeff Jensen | Apr 30, 2014

''24: Live Another Day — a reanimation of Kiefer Sutherland's thriller, which clocked out four years ago — shambles back sadder than most. Despite the high-grade action, the premiere is more a showcase for everything that was bad about 24 than a reminder of everything that was good.''

TV Review Orphan Black
by Jeff Jensen | Apr 23, 2014

''For the women of Orphan Black, the world is an open prison, and self-determination is a tenuous contract with the Powers That Be, who view them only as property. Some take this raw deal to survive.''

TV Review Mad Men
by Jeff Jensen | Apr 02, 2014

''Can Don Draper change himself for the better? What does fulfillment look like for the flawed strivers of Mad Men? Do they even believe in progress for themselves? Do you? The premiere episode of the drama's two-part final season asks these questions in various ways, accenting them with thematically rich references and motifs.''

TV Review Veep
by Jeff Jensen | Apr 01, 2014

''Change has come to Veep, HBO's political satire and TV's current gold standard for salty comedy. But should you believe in it? Season 3 finds calamity-prone VP Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) prepping a campaign to replace the scandal-smeared, never-seen POTUS.''

TV Review Turn
by Jeff Jensen | Mar 26, 2014

Cloak-and-dagger with redcoats and bayonets set against the backdrop of the Revolutionary War, Turn is The Americans for…

TV Review Surviving Jack
by Jeff Jensen | Mar 19, 2014

''Like ABC's The Goldbergs, Fox's Surviving Jack is one of those Wonder Years-style comic-of-age nostalgia-coms about a romantic boy hero (Connor Buckley) with a colorful combative family, full of period pop flourish and overexplainy, emotion-coaching narration.''

TV Review Growing Up Fisher
by Jeff Jensen | Mar 19, 2014

''In Growing Up Fisher — also based on a true story, also with look-back narration — J.K. Simmons plays Mel Fisher, an accomplished attorney who must become an even more accomplished father after his wife, Joyce (Jenna Elfman), divorces him so she can find an identity outside of motherhood and marriage.''

News and Notes 5 Final Takeaways from 'True Detective'
by Jeff Jensen | Mar 14, 2014

No, really: big spoilers! A look at the bloody -- and ultimately beautiful -- conclusion to the first season of the addictive HBO crime series


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