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TV Preview 'Sons of Anarchy'
by Lynette Rice | Jul 18, 2014

What to expect from FX's hit series this September

Cover Story Halle Berry Needs Some Space
by Lynette Rice | Jul 04, 2014

Halle Berry has already been a Bond Girl, an X-Man, and a history-making Oscar winner; now, thanks to ''Extant'' -- CBS' Spielberg-approved sci-fi series -- a new phase of her career is ready for liftoff

Movie Article The Future According to Steven Spielberg
by Lynette Rice | Jul 04, 2014

As the founder of Amblin TV, Steven Spielberg has already produced a number of TV shows (''Falling Skies'', ''Smash'') — but ''Extant'' comes the closest to sharing his cinematic DNA; we talked to the director about the project, and how he thinks it could inform our future

TV Article Big Stars, Small Screen
by Lynette Rice | Jul 04, 2014

TV may have killed the radio star -- but for movie stars, it can give new life to a career; with ''Extant,'' Halle Berry joins a long list of actors who changed the channel on industry expectations by signing up for a series

TV Article Building the #PLLarmy
by Lynette Rice | Jun 20, 2014

EW jumps into the trenches of the ABC Family series' social-media war room

News and Notes Second Coming
by Lindsey Bahr, Lynette Rice, Marc Snetiker, Dan Snierson | Jun 13, 2014

From ''The Comeback'' to ''Community'' to ''The Transporter,'' a slew of dearly departed projects are ready for new lives

TV Article The Fifty Best Scenes
by Lanford Beard, Mandi Bierly, Clark Collis, James Hibberd, Samantha Highfill, Melissa Maerz, Ray Rahman, Lynette Rice, Marc Snetiker, Dan Snierson, Amy Wilkinson | Jun 13, 2014

Now that the season is officially over, we've watched and rewatched every minute of every episode of television from the past year to determine our favorites; so with nothing but spoilers ahead, here's our list of the most award-worthy performances (Emmy voters, you're going to want to take notes)

TV Preview Once Upon A Time Traveler
by Lynette Rice | Jun 06, 2014

''Outlander'' showrunner Ronald D. Moore explains how he took a page from Diana Gabaldon's best-seller and brought it to life on the small screen

News and Notes The Killing Season
by Lynette Rice | May 16, 2014

As the networks announce their fall plans, many current shows are getting the boot; a look at the ones we're mourning — and the ones we're happy to see go

Photo Gallery 'Penny Dreadful': 6 behind-the-scenes pics
by Lynette Rice | May 11, 2014

A look around the bloody set of Showtime's new Victorian England-set thriller

Features 3 Rounds with Miranda Lambert
by Lynette Rice | May 02, 2014

We ply the reigning queen of country music with cocktails — and get her to talk about writing hits, the perils of celebrity marriage, and how she likes her deer steak (chicken-fried)

TV Article Behind the Scenes of 'Penny Dreadful'
by Lynette Rice | May 02, 2014

Showtime's Victorian England-set thriller (debuting May 11) is a monster of a production — and not just because it stars Frankenstein's brute

Hollywood Insider NBC Crowdsources Its Comedies
by Lynette Rice | Apr 25, 2014

The television network wants you to pitch your best sitcom ideas to them for a chance to have it filmed for primetime

Movie Preview La Bare
by Lynette Rice | Apr 11, 2014

After stripping for the role of Big Dick Richie in 2012's Magic Mike , Joe Manganiello set out…

News and Notes The Emmy Free-for-All
by Lynette Rice | Apr 11, 2014

Buzzy shows like ''True Detective'' and ''Orange Is the New Black'' are shaking up the nominations game — and that's bad news for ''The Good Wife''

Cover Story Start : The : Clock
by Lynette Rice | Apr 04, 2014

Nothing can stop Jack Bauer -- not even cancellation! We go behind the scenes in London as the ''24'' crew make their historic return to TV

News Article The 'Good Wife' Twist: Now What?
by Lynette Rice | Mar 28, 2014

Fans are left reeling after the show's jaw-dropping March 23 episode

News and Notes Jimmy's Strong Start
by Lynette Rice | Mar 13, 2014

Fallon's ''Tonight Show'' has viral buzz and solid ratings. But his network-TV rivals are holding steady.

Hollywood Insider Fox Finds a Comedy Gold NBC
by Lynette Rice | Feb 28, 2014

The network's strategy of poaching comedic talent from NBC shows is making Fox the place where all the cool kids want to be

News and Notes First Look at the New '24'
by Lynette Rice, Marc Snetiker | Feb 20, 2014

What can you expect when Jack and Chloe return in May? Plus: 9 more promising new shows.


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