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Clark Collis writes regularly — but not exclusively — about shotgun-toting hobos, overweight half-vampire superheroines, human centipedes, killer tires, trolls, piranhas, zombies, and Steven Tyler.

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Photo Gallery 'Archer': 8 great in-jokes explained
by Clark Collis | Mar 21, 2014

Series creator Adam Reed spills the beans on spy spoof's running gags

Feature EW Enters The Danger Zone
by Clark Collis | Mar 13, 2014

One of the best shows on TV is about spies, sex, and drugs. It's also a cartoon. EW investigates the world of ''Archer.''

Photo Gallery 'True Detective': Let's cast season 2
by Clark Collis | Mar 07, 2014

How do you follow Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson? Our dream pairs to pull it off

Movie Article Eva Green: Fierce Beauty
by Clark Collis | Feb 28, 2014

You may know her as 007's Casino Royale squeeze, but in 300: Rise of An Empire, Eva Green is the biggest badass on screen

Book Review Blood Will Out
by Clark Collis | Feb 26, 2014

''During the summer of 1998, the Montana-based magazine writer and novelist Walter Kirn agreed to transport a crippled dog to New York and into the care of a banker named Clark Rockefeller. Kirn found himself fascinated by Rockefeller, who claimed to be a member of the famous family of financiers and industrialists, and over time the pair became friends.''

Stage Review 'Kung Fu': EW review
by Clark Collis | Feb 25, 2014

A curious new Off Broadway show about martial-arts legend Bruce Lee plays like a musical without the actual songs

Book Review The Splendid Things We Planned
by Clark Collis | Feb 19, 2014

''Would you rather be forgotten by history or remembered for your faults? That is the question raised by a memoir in which the author's drug-addicted brother plays a large part.''

Movie Article Movies: Feb. 14, 2014
by Chris Nashawaty, Clark Collis, Owen Gleiberman, Adam Markovitz | Feb 07, 2014

Capsule reviews of ''The Last of the Unjust,'' ''Love & Air Sex,'' and more

News Article Song Shocker
by Clark Collis | Jan 24, 2014

An Oscar nod for a tune written for a Christian movie that made only $134,000 has stirred up a mini-controversy at the Academy

Cover Story International Man of Mysteries
by Clark Collis | Jan 17, 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have become global stars thanks to the success of their detective show, ''Sherlock''; EW visits London to investigate the new season -- and to find out how much longer they intend to carry on playing Holmes and Watson

Movie Article World War II Films
by Sara Vilkomerson, Clark Collis | Jan 10, 2014

''Unbroken,'' ''The Monuments Men,'' and more

Movie Review Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
by Clark Collis | Jan 06, 2014

What do you call a film which is part sequel, part reboot, and part Latino market-targeted brand extension?…

Hollywood Insider Zachary Quinto, Movie Mogul
by Clark Collis | Jan 03, 2014

Between acting gigs, Quinto stays busy with his film production company

Book Article Ghosts of the Chelsea
by Clark Collis | Nov 22, 2013

It was more art commune than hotel: Madonna stayed there, so did Arthur Miller, Dylan Thomas, Janis Joplin, and Patti Smith; we've collected the juiciest tidbits from Sherill Tippins' history ''Inside the Dream Palace''

Features The Joy of Sets
by Clark Collis | Nov 22, 2013

What if you sent a writer overseas and told him to go to as many movie sets as humanly possible in a week? Would he chat up Cate Blanchett and see Brad Pitt fight in World War II? Would he get cast in a musical? Would he eat an ungodly amount of catering? Yes, to all of the above

Hollywood Insider At 70, De Niro Still Has a Full Dance Card
by Clark Collis | Nov 08, 2013

The award-winning actor is busier than ever

Features Four Weddings, Many Beddings, and one Bridget Jones
by Clark Collis | Nov 01, 2013

Writer-director Richard Curtis' new movie, ''About Time,'' is a tender look at family, love, and what's really important in life -- and he says it may be his last; here, the master of the literate romantic comedy talks about his favorite scenes from five of his films

Book Review Johnny Cash
by Clark Collis | Oct 30, 2013

While growing up in Arkansas, did Johnny Cash really sing to calm his nerves when he heard the…

Photo Gallery Horror for Halloween: 10 signature fright scenes
by Clark Collis | Oct 29, 2013

''Psycho'' shower; the lake in ''Friday the 13th''; more indelible scare fare

Hollywood Insider 'Carrie' Scribe Unleashes Undead Hell on 'Archie'
by Clark Collis | Oct 18, 2013

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa injects zombies into the beloved comic