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Clark Collis writes regularly — but not exclusively — about shotgun-toting hobos, overweight half-vampire superheroines, human centipedes, killer tires, trolls, piranhas, zombies, and Steven Tyler.

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Photo Gallery Fantastic Fest 2014: 22 wonderfully weird films in Austin
by Clark Collis | Sep 17, 2014

What caught our eye on the schedule for this year's celebration of genre movies (Sept. 18-25)

Movie Review Tusk
by Clark Collis | Sep 10, 2014

In Kevin Smith's horror comedy, a deranged ex-sailor in Canada ( Kill Bill 's Michael Parks) decides to…

TV Article Killing Matthew Crawley
by Clark Collis | Sep 04, 2014

At the height of ''Downton Abbey'' mania, Dan Stevens called it quits. Now he's got three fall films and a lot of explaining to do.

Photo Gallery 12 best zombie comedies
by Clark Collis | Aug 15, 2014

To welcome ''Life After Beth,'' we count down films featuring the undead that'll lift your spirits

Movie Preview The Theory of Everything
by Clark Collis | Aug 14, 2014

When she read the script for first-time feature director Justin Simien's campus satire Dear White People , Tessa…

Movie Preview Fury
by Clark Collis | Aug 14, 2014

Most directors try to prevent actors from fighting. But while shooting the fictional WWII tank movie Fury ,…

Movie Preview Paddington
by Clark Collis | Aug 14, 2014

In an adaptation of Michael Bond's Paddington Bear tales, Nicole Kidman plays an evile taxidermist hell-bent on stuffing…

Book Review A Spy Among Friends
by Clark Collis | Aug 07, 2014

British author Macintyre has already written a clutch of gripping books about his country's espionage history, including 2007's…

Cover Story Once Upon A Time Lord
by Clark Collis | Aug 01, 2014

Scottish actor -- and ''Who'' superfan -- Peter Capaldi takes over the TARDIS to battle Cybermen, Daleks, and annoying Earthling foibles in the new season of ''Doctor Who''

Photo Gallery 'Doctor Who': 12 episodes you'd pick to get a newbie hooked
by Clark Collis | Jul 30, 2014

From 1963's ''An Unearthly Child'' to ''The Eleventh Hour'' in 2010, classics to convey the Time Lord's charms

TV Article The Sharks Take Manhattan
by Clark Collis | Jul 18, 2014

With Syfy sequel ''Sharknado 2: The Second One'' storming the small screen, we asked star Ian Ziering to snap some behind-the-scenes set photos while EW's intrepid Clark Collis tagged along

News and Notes Meet Your New Doctor
by Clark Collis | Jul 11, 2014

EW scored a sneak peek at Peter Capaldi's first official outing on ''Doctor Who;'' here's what to expect this season

News and Notes Catching Up with the Departed Docs
by Clark Collis | Jul 11, 2014

The Doctor is out — and keeping busy; a look at what the most recently retired ''Who'' stars are up to now

Cover Story How Chris Pratt Went from Zero to Hero
by Clark Collis | Jul 11, 2014

After a career playing second fiddles (and an awesome toy), Chris Pratt bolts onto the A list with two major films: Next year's ''Jurassic World'' and this summer's smart-ass superhero saga ''Guardians of the Galaxy;'' get ready to meet the next movie star

Photo Gallery Chris Pratt: New EW portraits
by Clark Collis | Jul 09, 2014

''Guardians of the Galaxy'' star at photo shoot, with thoughts on career (and a beer)

Book Review The Last Magazine
by Clark Collis | Jun 18, 2014

''The novel is fiction, but it is narrated by an ambitious newsmagazine intern who shares the author's name. The book's other main character, A.E. Peoria, is a foreign correspondent who achieves fame for covering the war against Saddam Hussein. This pair allows us two vantage points from which to view a semifictionalized media as they bungle the coverage of the Iraq War and its aftermath.''

TV Article The Fifty Best Scenes
by Lanford Beard, Mandi Bierly, Clark Collis, James Hibberd, Samantha Highfill, Melissa Maerz, Ray Rahman, Lynette Rice, Marc Snetiker, Dan Snierson, Amy Wilkinson | Jun 13, 2014

Now that the season is officially over, we've watched and rewatched every minute of every episode of television from the past year to determine our favorites; so with nothing but spoilers ahead, here's our list of the most award-worthy performances (Emmy voters, you're going to want to take notes)

Movie Review Coherence
by Clark Collis | Jun 11, 2014

''In an impressive big-screen debut from James Ward Byrkit, eight friends discover metaphysics on their menu when a passing comet creates a set of doppelgängers down the road, enjoying their own identical soiree.''

Movie Review The Signal
by Clark Collis | Jun 11, 2014

''Hard science fiction meets tender hearts in a slow-burn, twist-filled thriller from cinematographer-turned-director William Eubank. Brenton Thwaites (Maleficent) stars as Nic, a hunky computer geek who is driving cross-country with his girlfriend Haley (Olivia Cooke from Bates Motel) and their pal Jonah (Beau Knapp).''

Movie Article Hot In Space
by Clark Collis | Jun 05, 2014

He plays everydudes on ''Parks and Recreation'' and in ''The LEGO Movie;'' now Chris Pratt, 34, gets ripped for the sci-fi adventure ''Guardians of the Galaxy''


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