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Clark Collis writes regularly — but not exclusively — about shotgun-toting hobos, overweight half-vampire superheroines, human centipedes, killer tires, trolls, piranhas, zombies, and Steven Tyler.

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TV Article Ho! Ho! Who!
by Clark Collis | Dec 10, 2014

The ''Doctor Who'' cast and crew give EW an exclusive look at what to expect from this year’s Christmas special (starring none other than Santa himself)

Movie Review Starry Eyes
by Clark Collis | Nov 21, 2014

''What price fame?'' is not an original question. But writer-directors Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer break new ground…

Features Christopher Walken Just Wants To Dance
by Clark Collis | Nov 21, 2014

The Oscar-winning actor will make his prime-time dancing debut as Captain Hook in NBC's Peter Pan Live! this December, but he's no musical amateur. Just ask Liza Minnelli, Fatboy Slim, or Howdy Doody.

Features 1969 to 1983: Monty Python
by Clark Collis | Nov 07, 2014

The comedy troupe explains why they're eager to reunite after 30 years

Movie Review Jessabelle
by Clark Collis | Nov 05, 2014

This Southern Gothic ghost story is something of an odd duck, as one might expect given its parentage.…

Book Review Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story
by Clark Collis | Nov 05, 2014

A concert announcer once introduced Jerry Lee Lewis as ''a man who's so unreal it's hard to believe…

Book Review The Boy Who Drew Monsters
by Clark Collis | Oct 31, 2014

In The Boy Who Drew Monsters , this chilling Christmastime horror yarn concerns a couple, Tim and Holly…

News and Notes 'Nightbreed' Rises From The Dead
by Clark Collis | Oct 24, 2014

Clive Barker's monster-filled 1990 flop is reborn with a new director's cut

Movie Preview Eddie Redmayne Arrives with 'The Theory Of Everything'
by Clark Collis | Oct 24, 2014

The British actor bursts into the spotlight -- and the Oscar race -- as renowned physicist Stephen Hawking

News and Notes Quentin Tarantino's Essential Steve McQueen
by Clark Collis | Oct 17, 2014

The ''Pulp Fiction'' director gives us his own insight into the King of Cool

Movie Article Keanu's Stuntman Becomes His Boss
by Clark Collis | Oct 17, 2014

Chad Stahelski spent years perfecting punches and kung fu kicks as Keanu Reeves' stunt double, but with ''John Wick'' (in theaters Oct. 24), he's gone where few in his line of work have before: to the director's chair; and which movie star did he get to order around from behind the camera? None other than Reeves himself

Movie Review Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead
by Clark Collis | Oct 08, 2014

Five years ago, the Norwegian horror film Dead Snow fused the Nazi-zombie subgenre with the cabin-in-the-woods terror flick…

Features The Sex Queen of England
by Clark Collis | Oct 02, 2014

Caitlin Moran's manifesto ''How to Be a Woman'' crushed taboos. Her new novel ''How to Build a Girl'' may obliterate them. EW sits down for a fierce, funny, filthy chat with the foul-mouthed British monarch of feminism.

TV Review American Horror Story: Freak Show
by Clark Collis | Oct 01, 2014

The dirty little secret of the horror genre is that its appeal has as much to do with…

Book Review The Zone of Interest
by Clark Collis | Sep 24, 2014

This latest work from the U.K. author is a lusty and often comic novel set among the German…

Photo Gallery Fantastic Fest 2014: 22 wonderfully weird films in Austin
by Clark Collis | Sep 17, 2014

What caught our eye on the schedule for this year's celebration of genre movies (Sept. 18-25)

Movie Review Tusk
by Clark Collis | Sep 10, 2014

In Kevin Smith's horror comedy, a deranged ex-sailor in Canada ( Kill Bill 's Michael Parks) decides to…

Music Review Albums: Sept. 12, 2014
by Kyle Anderson, Ray Rahman, Clark Collis | Sep 05, 2014

Review of the new records from Karen O, Ryan Adams, and more

Movie Article Women Directors Take a Stab at Horror Films
by Clark Collis | Sep 05, 2014

Who says gore is just for guys? This fall, five females are helming some of the season's creepiest new movies

TV Article Killing Matthew Crawley
by Clark Collis | Sep 04, 2014

At the height of ''Downton Abbey'' mania, Dan Stevens called it quits. Now he's got three fall films and a lot of explaining to do.


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