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Movie Article 7 Secrets of the 'Birdman' Labyrinth
by Sara Vilkomerson, Mark Harris | Oct 10, 2014

Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu says the film is a labyrinth of the mind of its main character, Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton); hidden within that maze are a series of deep-inside jokes and meta-commentary that most viewers might miss, so, to help you dazzle your friends, here's our viewer's guide to the movie's erudite Easter eggs

Cover Story If Michael Keaton Were a Bird He Would Be a Cat
by Mark Harris | Oct 10, 2014

In his electrifying new film, ''Birdman'', the 63-year-old actor plays the former star of a superhero franchise, now begging for a comeback. It's a role that seems custom-crafted for the guy who used to be Batman, and the kind of mesmerizing meta-performance that milks Oscar votes. But Keaton isn't buying (or selling) that story. In fact, whatever you expect him to be, he probably isn't. An exclusive interview.

News and Notes Jimmy Fallon: He's Got 'Tonight'. Now What?
by Mark Harris | Feb 28, 2014

The comedian is at that awkward age all talk-show hosts go through where he's no longer a 12:30 a.m. kid, but not quite an 11:30 p.m. adult

News and Notes Greed Is Awesome. No, Wait...Awful!
by Mark Harris | Jan 09, 2014

In ''The Wolf of Wall Street,'' Jordan Belfort's addiction to money makes him do very bad things. Why is the movie so eager to forgive him?

Photo Gallery: Best of 2013 10 who showed style IS substance: Best of 2013
by Mark Harris | Dec 17, 2013

Mark Harris spots the year's larger pop culture trends in what Superman, Olivia Pope, more wore

News and Notes 2013: Up Clothes and Personal
by Mark Harris | Dec 13, 2013

How this year's film and TV style reflected larger pop culture trends

News and Notes TV's New Antiheroes Are Anti-Entertaining
by Mark Harris | Oct 04, 2013

This fall the broadcast networks took cable's Drapers and Sopranos and neutered them for prime time; call it the Walter White-out effect

Hollywood Insider 'The Butler': So Wrong, It'S Right
by Mark Harris | Aug 30, 2013

Lee Daniels' hit movie is an Oscar hopeful like no other: a messy but rousing historical drama that blends schlock and subtlety, and calls to mind the weird all-star casts of '70s disaster movies

News and Notes Pop Culture's Big Gay Panic
by Mark Harris | Jul 19, 2013

Author Orson Scott Card gets bashed for gay bashing (bitch, please!), and Andrew Garfield suggests Spidey date a dude (preach, girl!)

News and Notes The Case Against Binge-Watching
by Mark Harris | Jun 14, 2013

The best TV is as addictive as a tub of ice cream, but as Jenny Craig and the new ''Arrested Development'' episodes remind us, moderation is wise

The Year that was This was the year that ... everyone came out in parenthetical
by Mark Harris | Dec 21, 2012

Why coming out in 2012 was both a big story and a non-story at the same time

News and Notes In reality, we'd like some honesty
by Mark Harris | Aug 03, 2012

Reality-show judges have gone soft, thanks to celebrities who are more concerned about burnishing their images than critiquing contestants. Memo to Mariah: It is possible to do both.

Features Nora Ephron: 1941-2012
by Mark Harris | Jul 06, 2012

For a generation of writers and filmmakers, particularly women, she was a witty role model who reinvented the romantic comedy in hits like ''When Harry Met Sally...'' and ''You've Got Mail''

Cover Story By the way, we're gay
by Mark Harris | Jun 22, 2012

...and it's truly no big deal. Or is it? How Hollywood's stars have created a new, quiet — and incredibly effective — way to come out

Guest Column TV's crash-and-burn problem
by Mark Harris | Apr 13, 2012

New series tend to launch with great ambitions and then wear out their welcome. Right now, ''Smash,'' ''Awake,'' ''Missing,'' and ''Touch'' are all trying (and failing) to stay interesting

News + Notes 5 ways to fix movie ratings
by Mark Harris | Apr 06, 2012

In the wake of a ridiculous R rating for ''Bully,'' are we ready to scrap the antiquated MPAA system?

The Final Cut Loving 'The Voice,' so over 'Idol'
by Mark Harris | Feb 17, 2012

Could it be any clearer that one show is about talent and hope, and the other's about desperation and false theatrics? This is why ''Ido''l should be looking over its shoulder

News + Notes Kristen Wiig wigs out Hollywood
by Mark Harris | Jan 27, 2012

She's had the audacity to say that she doesn't want to make a ''Bridesmaids'' sequel. Much as we love the movie, she's absolutely right. Here's what Wiig understands that the studios don't

Cover Story 'The Girl With the Dragon Tatto': Enter the 'Dragon'
by Mark Harris | Dec 30, 2011

Those eyes, those lips, those piercings. Lisbeth Salander is the series' inscrutable, androgynous, and explosive heroine -- and we can't stop thinking about her. Here's how David Fincher and actress Rooney Mara brought the character to life, and what's behind her incendiary appeal

The Final Cut Who are you calling funny?
by Mark Harris | Nov 04, 2011

The new sitcom ''Whitney'' isn't as bad as all the haters say it is — although it sure is close. Still, the heated reaction to the show tells us a lot about our warring visions of TV comedy


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