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Singles: Aug. 19, 2011

Reviews of the latest songs from Timbaland Feat. Pitbull & David Guetta, Chris Brown Feat. Justin Bieber, and more

Jason Derülo, ''It Girl''
The chart-dominating lothario declares that his latest object of affection means more to him than a Grammy, though perhaps he should have pitched woo with something hotter than a flat midtempo beat, some acoustic flourishes, and a whistle garnish. Who knew his usual cavalcade of samples was his best side? B-Kyle Anderson

Timbaland Feat. Pitbull & David Guetta, ''Pass at Me''
With its soccer-stadium chants and thumping bass, the first single from Timbo's forthcoming album is as ready for a World Cup game as it is for a sizzling Miami club. And Pitbull's suggestive rhymes just make it steamier. B+Brad Wete

Evanescence, ''What You Want''
''Hello! Hello! Remember me?'' frontwoman Amy Lee sings on the Arkansas dark-rock hitmakers' first single in four years. Remember? The song's grinding guitars, massive drums, goth-princess piano frills, and warrior-grrrl vocal rage feel like 2007 all over again. Never forget! BMelissa Maerz

Das Racist, ''Michael Jackson''
Like a more self-consciously surreal LMFAO, the ''Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell'' sonic dadaists leave philosophizing at the door so they can concentrate on transforming spare parts (arcade-game effects, Bollywood soundtracks) into one hypnotic eargasm. B+KA

Chris Brown Feat. Justin Bieber, ''Ladies Love Me''
''Baby, I'm not crazy/I got sway like Patrick Swayze,'' brags Bieber on this David Banner-produced track from Brown's new mixtape. Maybe we're the crazy ones, but the little dude can rap. Over a rubbery sample from Brown's ''Look at Me Now,'' the 17-year-old heartthrob praises Louis Vuitton, offers to play doctor with the ladies, and almost earns his new nickname: Just call him Jay-B. B+MM

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