Spring 2012 TV Preview: 11 Shows We Can't Wait for

Under the Dome
Showtime; in development
Lost writer Brian K. Vaughan takes on Stephen King's 2009 best-seller about a Maine town trapped under an invisible force field.

The Rifleman
CBS; in development
Reboot of the 1950s Western about homesteader Lucas McCain, who takes out bad guys with a rapid-fire Winchester.

The Flintstones
Fox; series order
Everybody's favorite animated Stone Age family will return, with raunchy Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane at the helm (cue devious ''Mwa-ha-ha'' laugh).

CBS; in development
Revival of the 1960s classic by Miss Congeniality co-writer Marc Lawrence. You can imagine the pitch: ''It's Harry Potter meets Desperate Housewives!''

NBC; in development
Thomas Harris' brilliant, deductive cannibal Hannibal Lecter gets a small-screen makeover from Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller. He's like the Mentalist — except he'll eat you. —James Hibberd


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