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While her her nasal socialite Karen Walker from ''Will & Grace'' remains the actress's best-known role, she has since built a career as TV's go-to funnywoman on more than 10 shows. As the 53-year-old star steps into her latest gig — Contra Security head Veronica on Fox's rebooted comedy ''Breaking In'' — EW asks Mullally about some of her favorite TV roles

Parks and Recreation
Tammy Swanson/Tammy 2
When I got the part, my husband [Parks star Nick Offerman] and I were both really excited. The very first scene I shot was where Ron [Offerman] and Tammy are in a sexual frenzy. I was like, ''Um, I'm gonna take my top off!'' I just ripped my sweater off. And they used it! They left it in! They just put a big dot over my boobs.

Happy Endings
Casey [Wilson, who plays her character's daughter] and I have this crazy affinity for one another, acting-wise, kind of like what I had with Sean Hayes on Will & Grace. Literally, we can read each other's minds. You just don't have that with that many people.

Will & Grace
Karen Walker
It's not that I really miss playing Karen as much as I miss Karen herself. I hope she has an existence independent of me — that she's out there somewhere popping pills and annoying people in an alternate universe. The eight years I spent on Will & Grace changed me forever.

Murder, She Wrote
Molly Connors
I hadn't gotten a job for so long, and I was in a complete panic because I didn't know how I was going to pay my rent. So I get a call one day from my agent that I'd gotten offered a guest role, and it paid $5,000. I literally fell down onto my knees and testified and wept. I played some former protégée of Jessica Fletcher. It's one of my favorite things I've ever shot.

I tested to be Elaine, but they gave me this other role. I played a love interest for Jason Alexander who is hard of hearing in her [right] ear. He can't go left — which is the way he likes to do it — so he has to go right. He flips me over the couch and tries to get on the right side of me. It was nuts!

Childrens Hospital
What they're doing is just a step beyond what's happening on network television. Maybe in 10 years you'll see a show like Childrens Hospital on a network. I can literally do anything and it's fine. Nothing is too big, nothing is too absurd. I don't wear any makeup, I wear men's wigs, I have a hunchback, I walk with a walker, I wear orthopedic shoes, and I have gigantic glasses that look like the Hubble Space Telescope. The whole point is that she's the grossest woman in the world, but everyone wants to f-- her.

Breaking In
Veronica Mann
It's an experiment in building a character, basically. The writers have been very collaborative and let me play around and experiment. That's a big change from even 15 years ago, when you could not go on a set and throw out [comedic] pitches. But now, it's almost like if you don't do that, they're like, ''But where are your pitches?''

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