'Breaking Dawn -- Part 2': Sweet Child O' Mine

For Condon, it was a challenge logistically — and not just because it took about an hour to get everyone through the lunch line. ''The first part of Breaking Dawn was all about these crucial moments: wedding, pregnancy, birth, and death. There was a clear path. Here we introduce 23 new vampires and have hundreds of extra Volturi, so it was just about making sure that we had the same kind of clarity.'' The director had never filmed an epic battle scene before, but his résumé (which includes Dreamgirls) wound up serving him well. ''Ultimately you treat it like a musical,'' he says. ''It's all about a rhythm.''

Maybe, but filming the climax was still a nightmare, according to his cast. ''Everyone started to go absolutely insane,'' says Stewart with a laugh. ''It moves so quickly in the movie, but it took so long to film. There was so much dialogue and so much to shoot and so many people and so many story lines.'' Much of the action took place in a warehouse, and shooting this particular sequence dragged out over a couple of months, including additional reshoots for a few of the principals. ''Oh, gosh, we spent my life on that field with the fake snow and the greenscreen,'' says Stewart. ''[The fake snow] gets under your contacts and into your lungs. It's horrible s---. It's the end of our movie, and it's a big deal to really bring it to the high point it deserves. But yeah, it was a mind-losing experience.''

Team Twilight says that the resulting scenes were worth the effort, and we'll take them at their word. They also say there's some kind of visual valentine to fans in the closing moments. Pattinson, who's seen a rough cut of the film, found himself surprisingly moved. ''The end is so sweet. There's this nice finality to it,'' he says. ''Everyone who was watching started crying. It does a serious justice to the series.''

Stewart emphatically agrees. ''Bill decided to do this really f---ing amazing thing at the very end,'' she says. ''The fans are going to go nuts.'' No doubt. On Nov. 16, pandemonium comes to a theater near you.


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