Mark Duplass: His Cup Runneth Over

The Year of Duplass
Jeff, Who Lives at Home Writer, Director (with brother Jay)
Opened March 16, now on DVD

A depressed loser (Jason Segel) and his uptight brother (Ed Helms) follow signs in search of a better destiny.

Darling Companion Actor
Opened April 20

Directed by Lawrence Kasdan (The Big Chill), this story of a family looking for a lost dog features Duplass in a supporting role.

Your Sister's Sister Actor, Exec Producer
Opened June 15

Reuniting with Humpday director Lynn Shelton, Duplass plays a man caught up in a sisterly love triangle.

Safety Not Guaranteed Actor, Exec Producer
Opening wide June 22

Duplass stars as a man seeking redemption through time travel in this debut by director Colin Trevorrow.

People Like Us Actor
Opens June 29

Duplass costars in director Alex Kurtzman's film as the neighbor of a woman (Elizabeth Banks) who befriends a man (Chris Pine) she doesn't know is her half brother.

The Do-Deca-Pentathlon Writer, Director, Producer (with brother Jay)
Opens July 6 (on demand starting June 26)

Two forever-feuding brothers compete for dominance in 25 sporting events.

Black Rock Screenwriter, Exec Producer
Opens October TBD

The film, directed by and starring his wife, Katie Aselton, follows three women on a camping getaway who become prey for a group of dangerous men.

The League Actor
Returns October TBD

On FX's semi-improvised comedy, Duplass stars as a divorced cubicle-dweller and three-time champ of a fantasy-football league.

Kathryn Bigelow's as-yet-untitled bin Laden film Actor
Opens Dec. 19

Duplass has an unspecified role as part of the team who helped hunt down the world's most wanted terrorist.

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