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Katy Perry's a damsel in distress, Fiona Apple plays kooky zookeeper, and Daniel Radcliffe trades his real-life sobriety for a boozy onscreen breakdown in the latest crop of music clips

Katy Perry, ''Wide Awake''

The California Gurl's teenage dream has curdled in this dark-toned fairy tale. Its goth-snazzy gloss works better, perhaps, as an ad for Once Upon a Time than a divorce metaphor. B

Slow Club, ''Beginners''

Boy wizard gone bad! Daniel Radcliffe, looking like he just came off a five-day bender in Margaritaville, pours his battered psyche out in a bar to the U.K. duo's angst anthem. A-

Maroon 5, ''One More Night''

Aspiring boxer Adam Levine is too busy training to notice that his relationship with the knockout in his own house (that would be pillow-lipped actress Minka Kelly) is on the ropes. B

Fiona Apple, ''Every Single Night''

Cow brains, crocodiles, an octopus for a hat — would you expect less from our wonderfully fruity friend? It's all surreally striking, if also a little ''No lunch for me today, thanks!'' B+

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