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2016: Obama's America (2012)

MPAA Rating: PG
2016: Obama's America
2016: Obama's America

Details Release Date: Aug 24, 2012; Rated: PG; Genre: Documentary; Distributor: Rocky Mountain Pictures

Dinesh D'Souza's documentary is no mere screed: 2016: Obama's America is a nonsensically unsubstantiated act of character assassination. D'Souza's thesis is that Obama has spent his life trying to please his late Kenyan father — and that the result is he's an anticolonial socialist revolutionary. What's the evidence? Shockingly, it's Obama's autobiography, Dreams From My Father. D'Souza quotes it as if Obama's attempt to understand the father he barely knew was a confession of radicalism — a confession that, somehow, he was also out to hide. F

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