Tina Fey: The EW Interview

What's your next book going to be about?

There is no talk of a next book from anyone yet, so I don't know. I think I would like to do it again, as terrifying as it was.... I know one thing that I regret I never did. I regret that I never did a novelization of Mean Girls. I had so much extra stuff from all of those drafts of the screenplay that I could have probably done a pretty good, juicy novelization.

You could still do it.

You think I could?

I think you should. I mean, ABC Family made Mean Girls 2 last year. The Plastics are still a viable franchise.

What about Mean Girls the Musical?

Yes! Are you going to do it?

We've been holding on to [the idea] until we have time to focus on it. Jeff and I want to do it together.

Before you write anything else, obviously, you've got to finish up 30 Rock. In last season's finale, Tracy decided to start his own studio à la Tyler Perry, Hazel and Kenneth began shacking up, Criss and Liz decided they're ready to have a baby, and Jack and Avery got divorced. Where will those story lines go this year?

Liz and Criss are trying. It does lead to a sexual awakening for Liz, who's always been not that interested in sex—which has also been a point of discussion for people. Some people don't like it that she's not a sex-positive character, but for me it's always been that I don't want to shoot those things, and I don't want my career to hinge on wearing a bra on camera. Also it was a point of view that you didn't see that much.

True. When someone asks Liz how her sex life with Dennis Duffy is and she says, ''Fast and only on Saturdays—it's perfect!'' I think lots of women across the country were thinking, Amen.

30 Rock was starting right as Sex and the City was finishing, so at the time it felt like a fun flip side to have her be that way. But as she goes into the process of trying to conceive, there's so much scheduling and organization and unromantic things about trying to conceive that that's what she finally gets into. What finally turns her on is how much paperwork there is. [Laughs] James Marsden and I just shot a ridiculously stupid sexy montage in a Staples last Friday. She's cross-referencing the show's schedule with her menstruation. The montage is, like, me tilting my head back and him dumping a whole barrel of paper clips on my face, me pouring Wite-Out on his shirtless body—God bless him.

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