The Oscars Go to ... Seth Macfarlane

MacFarlane will host the 85th Annual Academy Awards

The guy who made the teddy-bear movie is hosting the Academy Awards, but don't expect a lot of warm-and-fuzzies. If there's one thing we've learned about Seth MacFarlane, from his talking-stuffed-animal movie Ted to his TV shows Family Guy and American Dad to his hosting of Saturday Night Live and Comedy Central's Charlie Sheen roast, it's that the guy has a twisted take on almost any occasion. On Feb. 24, it'll just be a black-tie one. Producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan have faith he'll find the right balance between reverence and snark. ''He is witty, charming, he sings, and — even though he doesn't think so — he can dance,'' Meron tells EW. And while MacFarlane's humor can skew a little strange, he's willing to dial it down for the Oscars. ''I don't know that we're going for weird or bizarre...'' says MacFarlane. ''Unless Lady Gaga dresses you!'' Zadan chimes in. MacFarlane in a meat tuxedo? ''Then the ceremony and the dinner can all be rolled into one!'' the host jokes. That will be the trick: finding a way to keep it both raw and well-done.

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