Clueless {1995}

Alicia Silverstone (Cher Horowitz) I met Amy at this little café in Beverly Hills, and I remember she was really taken with the fact that I was drinking a drink with a straw and I wouldn't bring the drink up to me. I kept moving my head to the table to get to the straw. She loved that for some reason. I remember I read the script in a limo driving back from shooting the third Aerosmith video — the one I did with Liv Tyler. At first I didn't like Cher. I thought, ''Who is this girl?'' I had nothing in common with her at all. I thought she was a materialistic, annoying little bitch. But then I saw that she cares about her daddy so much and she's trying so hard to help people and do these good things. So maybe she wasn't such a bitch after all.

Paul Rudd (Josh) When I first read the script, it took me a while to get it. I remember thinking, ''Ugh!'' Because I'd been reading so many pilots and bad versions of teen movies. It wasn't until I got many pages into it that I thought, ''This is actually smart.'' I thought Justin Walker's character, Christian, was a really good part. It was a cool idea, something I'd never seen in a movie before — the cool gay kid. And then I asked to read for Donald Faison's part, because I thought he was kind of a funny hip-hop wannabe. I didn't realize that the character was African-American.

Donald Faison (Murray) I read with Lauryn Hill in an audition in New York. Afterwards she said to me, ''I'm not sure it's going to work for me, but I think you've got a really good shot at getting it.'' Then they flew me out to L.A. to read with Stacey Dash. They told me, ''The part's yours, just don't blow the audition!'' I kind of based Murray on a guy who wanted to be Ice Cube's character in Boyz n the Hood.

Stacey Dash (Dionne) I actually read with Donald and Terrence Howard. It's funny, because I was older than everyone else. I was 27 and I was playing this high school student, and I had a son at home who was 6 years old.

Breckin Meyer (Travis) I was in a really dry spell careerwise. I blew through any money I made as a kid doing commercials. I lived above a garage and I had no heat, no hot water, and a mattress on the floor. I had to skateboard over to Seth Green's house to take showers and wash my clothes. When I went in to audition, I lifted from my favorite people — Sean Penn from Fast Times and Keanu Reeves in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. It seemed like every young actor in town was up for a part. I remember seeing Jeremy Sisto in there and thinking, ''Damn!'' He was a real up-and-coming guy — a real Robert Pattinson type.

Jeremy Sisto (Elton) I was 19 and had done a handful of studio movies that were all kind of unsuccessful. Alicia and I had done a movie together right before Clueless called Hideaway, and I played a serial killer hunting her down. I could have auditioned for Paul's role, but for some reason I was going through a phase of not wanting to play nice guys. I just thought Elton was funny. The rest of them thought they were good people, but he was a guy who didn't even try.

Justin Walker (Christian) They were having trouble finding someone for the part of Christian. As far as him being gay, I was aware of the consequences it might have for my career — how I might be perceived afterwards as ''the gay guy from Clueless,'' but I didn't care. I'd never been in a movie of any kind, and it was an honor. I would do the part again tomorrow.


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