Clueless {1995}

Elisa Donovan (Amber) I knew exactly who Amber was, and I based her on these girls that I couldn't stand in high school. When I got the part, I didn't know what to do, because I had a role on Blossom at the time. My dad said, ''Wait a minute, you have this TV show, why would you go and do a movie? Who's in this movie?'' And you couldn't say anyone famous, because no one was famous.

Wallace Shawn (Mr. Hall) My role was drawn from life. I was a schoolteacher — it's actually the only legitimate job I've ever had. I taught for one year in India, and I taught at a private school in Manhattan for two years. Being a teacher in the movie was easier because there was a script.

Heckerling For Cher's father, I was looking for someone who might play a hitman in other movies. It doesn't occur to Cher that he's scary.

Dan Hedaya (Mel Horowitz) I've done a few roles that are on the other side of the law, but I'm an uncle many times over and I like children very much.

Heckerling For Tai, we wanted someone who was a real New York slobby type, which is what I am. Then Brittany Murphy came in, and you just felt like, ''Yeah, that's it. We're done.'' When I auditioned the kids, I'd always ask them for new words. You know, slang and stuff. That's where I got ''going postal.'' I loved calling someone a ''Monet.'' From far away they're f---ing gorgeous and up close they're totally different. ''Betty'' was based on Betty Rubble, who was very pretty. And ''Barney'' is like, How did he get her? ''As if'' came from the lesbian community. Any outsider group is going to create their own language — whether it's homosexual, black, prisoners, or cabdrivers. You just have to be willing to open your ears and listen.

Faison I had no idea what the hell I was saying. What the f--- is a ''Monet''? What's ''going postal'' mean? And when they explained to me what it meant, I thought, ''That's really messed up!'' Amy just gets the way teenagers speak and what they go through. We all had crushes on her, especially Breckin Meyer. Ask him about it, he'll tell you.

Meyer I had the hugest crush on Amy. She was this beautiful sprite goth Japanimation-looking adorable raccoon-eyed beauty.

Silverstone I didn't know what anything meant. I would have to say to Amy, ''What does 'As if' mean?'' She's way hipper than I am. I mean, ''Surfing the crimson wave''? At the time I remember when I would go to the wardrobe fittings, I was like, ''God, why do I have to go to another fitting?'' When I read the script, I understood that Cher really likes clothes, but that doesn't mean that you understand that you're going to have to have 67 different outfit changes. My little brain couldn't understand why her clothes were so important to her. By the end, of course, I wanted all of them.

'Heckerling The first day, we shot the scene in debate class. And Alicia said the Hate-i-ans instead of ''Haitians,'' and everybody started to run up to her to tell her it was wrong. I had to stop them. It was much funnier the way she said it. That was Cher.


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