The Larry Sanders Show {1992-1998}

Praise for The Larry Sanders Show

''There's only a handful of shows I would consider the most influential on me and my generation — and Larry Sanders is at the top. It was the first single-camera comedy that felt like it was really happening: You happened to be in the room with these people and this was the way they behaved when no one was looking. It was the ultimate warts-and-all show.'' —Michael Schur, co-creator of Parks and Recreation

''It was just a brilliantly observed show. The accuracy of the way those characters were drawn — their insecurities and their jealousies and their showbiz needs — it was just so specific and wonderful. You had to pay attention to it. It didn't come grab you by the face. You had to actively watch it.'' —Tina Fey, creator of 30 Rock

''A lot has been written about the awkward pause, but they were geniuses at that on Larry Sanders. My guess is it comes from the furnace of angst that burns at the center of Garry Shandling. Building to those really embarrassing moments and just letting them sit there was excruciating and fantastic to watch, and that got imitated a lot after they started doing it.'' —Christopher Lloyd, co-creator of Modern Family

''I watched Larry Sanders from the start, and I was a superbig fan. It just felt more real than what was on at the time. I really wanted to get hired there, and I actually did two days of punch-up. Two days was all I got on the show, but it certainly had an influence on the later work I did. I saved my pay stubs.'' —Greg Daniels, executive producer of The Office and co-creator of Parks and Recreation

''The Larry Sanders Show was a pure original and proved to everyone that you can make a huge noise and punch above your weight on pay TV. Baryshnikov said about Fred Astaire: 'We are dancing, but he is doing something else.' Garry was doing something else, and people saw that.'' —Richard Plepler, co-president and future CEO of HBO

Additional reporting by Dan Snierson
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