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If 'The Carrie Diaries' Were a Prequel to 'Homeland' (2011)

With that title, we couldn't help but wonder: What if The CW's ''Sex and the City'' prequel were instead the origin story of ''Homeland'''s Carrie Mathison? Using ''The Carrie Diaries'' as a template, here's how Mathison's formative years could have looked in comparison.

Details Start Date: Oct 02, 2011; Genre: Drama; With: Morena Baccarin, Claire Danes, Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin; Network: Showtime Networks Inc.

Carrie Bradshaw vs. Carrie Mathison
CB: An internship at a Manhattan law firm. Carrie B. (AnnaSophia Robb) does filing and is scolded for showing up sans panty hose.
CM: The Model U.N. club. Carrie M. (played by...all right, just imagine Claire Danes as My So-Called Life's Angela Chase for now) accidentally starts a war — and subsequently gets voted out — after making out with both Palestine and Israel.
''Big'' Crush
CB: The mysterious new boy (Austin Butler) at school.
CM: A jittery junior ROTC cadet (Rupert Grint) who's in the school's jazz band.
Brush with the law:
CB: The young fashionista helps a pal steal an expensive dress from Century 21, but she feels guilty about it.
CM: The young conspiracy theorist gets a suspicious-seeming Greek foreign-exchange student deported after he brings his own tzatziki to the cafeteria, but she doesn't feel guilty about it at all.
CB: Larissa (Freema Agyeman), the style editor at Interview magazine.
CM: A young Saul (David Krumholtz), her neighbor with a top secret job and the beginnings of a Walt Whitman beard.

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