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That Obscure Object of Desire

THAT OBSCURE OBJECT OF DESIRE Carole Bouquet and Fernando Rey
Image credit: Everett Collection
THAT OBSCURE OBJECT OF DESIRE Carole Bouquet and Fernando Rey

Details Movie Rated: Unrated; Genres: Drama, Foreign Language; With: Carole Bouquet, Angela Molina and Fernando Rey; Distributor: First Artists

Infatuation can scramble your senses. No one understood this better than Belle de Jour director Luis Buñuel, whose dreamlike final film, That Obscure Object of Desire, is now out on a radiant, rich Blu-ray. The French Connection’s Fernando Rey stars as a wealthy French widower who falls madly in love with his young Spanish maid. He’s so smitten, in fact, that he doesn’t notice that she’s played by two different actresses (Carole Bouquet and Ángela Molina). One teases him, one tortures him, both turn him into a sexually frustrated wreck. Sure, it’s a stunt. But it’s an effective one. A–

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