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'Happy Endings:' Crazy Plots Revealed!

ABC recently pulled ''Don't Trust the B----,'' and this fun sitcom might not be around much longer either, if people don't tune in when it returns in late February. Here are some reasons to keep — or start — watching.

Hungry for a Romeo and Juliet-esque love story?
Dave (Zachary Knighton, below) will feud with a fellow food-truck owner. ''The Brazilian plays dirty and steals the best spot, so Dave enlists Max [Adam Pally] to play even dirtier,'' says creator David Caspe. Alas, Max falls for the man's son, which upsets Dave: ''It's bros before bros!''

Like both cautionary addiction drama and The Rules?
To help Max with a guy he's overtexting, Penny (Casey Wilson) gives him bootleg Mexican sleep juice. ''If you take this stuff at 4 p.m., you sleep for 14 hours through the night without texting the person,'' says Caspe. ''Then they text you and you get the power back. Max and Penny get addicted to the power, which gets them addicted to NocheTussin.''

Want an eclectic mix of guest stars?
Andy Richter is Penny's estranged dad, while RuPaul (right) will be the gossipy hairdresser of Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) and Jane (Eliza Coupe).

Fancy a sexual switcheroo for personal gain?
Sports-obsessed Max will attempt to switch teams and hook up with an interested lady (Abby Elliott, right) because she has good Bulls tickets.

Love cutthroat competition?
Things get ugly when Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Jane take on Penny and Pete (Nick Zano) in a who's-the-better-couple game night. Hints executive producer Jonathan Groff: ''There will be matching black-and-gold tracksuits for Brad and Jane.''

Enjoy the musical spectacle of Smash and Glee?
Penny pens a musical about the Black Plague, and she plays...the Black Plague. And when Max enters the Mr. Gay Chicago pageant, he ''does his best Sonny and Cher,'' says Caspe. ''Simultaneously. In costume.''

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