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The Blob

Image credit: Photofest

Aneta Corsaut, Steve McQueen, Earl Rowe


Details Movie Rated: Unrated; With: Steve McQueen

The golden age of sci-fi movies unleashed its fair share of absurd-looking monsters, but none was more ridiculous than the creature in The Blob (1958, 1 hr., 22 mins., Not Rated). Looking like the angry filling of a giant jelly doughnut, the oozing red ball of homicidal goo emerges from a meteorite and proceeds to terrorize a small town. A young Steve McQueen (inset) rallies a posse of teens to sound the warning, but the grown-ups won't listen... until it's too late. The Blob is a delicious drive-in treat—and Criterion's flawlessly restored Blu-ray gives its silly, slimy star a haunting new glow. B
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