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Here's our grade for the videogame ''The Last of Us''

Here's our grade for the latest game, ''The Last of Us,'' from video game developers Naughty Dog

Some videogames have a plot. The Last of Us has a mood. The new game from Naughty Dog — the makers of the Indiana Jones-y adventure series Uncharted — pairs bruised gun thug Joel with snappy teenager Ellie on a road trip across post-epidemic America. There's a fascist government, violent rebels, cannibals, and zombie-like creatures. In outline it sounds like just another postapocalyptic romp. But the feel of the game is something different: mournful but not morose, scary yet exhilarating. The Last of Us has its flaws. The game is so cinematic that you can't help but notice the bad dialogue and flat characters, and the action is repetitive. But it's a uniquely low-key actioner, with one of the most devastatingly strange endings of any game I can remember. Grade: B+

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