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They Came Together (2014)

A typical romcom but with a cast that's sure to make you laugh out loud

THEY CAME TOGETHER And we'll go to see them together
Image credit: JOJO WHILDEN
THEY CAME TOGETHER And we'll go to see them together

Details Release Date: Jun 27, 2014; Rated: R; Length: 83 Minutes; Genre: Comedy; With: Christopher Meloni, Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd and Cobie Smulders

With his new satire, David Wain is trying to do for the romantic comedy what his 2001 cult favorite Wet Hot American Summer did for the camp genre. He even brought back many of Wet Hot's stars, including Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd, who skewer many a rom-com cliché as a shopkeeper (Poehler) and a corporate executive (Rudd) who fall in love. ''We threw in every element: the opposites-attract story line, the Jewish-but-not-too-Jewish funny leading man, the klutzy woman whom you kind of love, the sassy best friend, the black best friend, the wise old grandmother,'' Wain says. ''Anything we could think of, we found a place for it in there.''
Originally posted Apr 09, 2014

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