S.A.T.'S For Rockers

Trey Anastasio, you've got 15 minutes...

1. Complete this sentence: As a good-faith gesture, the record label ________ the band's contract.

(A) terminated (B) renewed (C) lost

Lost. Definitely lost.

2. TREY is to PHISH as... (A) boys are to girls (B) guitars are to amps (C) Zappa is to Sinatra

Uh...what kind of question is this? Uh...well, it's not A or C. I'd say ''as Tweedy is to Enron.'' Yes, E! ''Tweedy to Enron''!

3. Billy has $40. He can take a bus to town to go to the record store and take home two CDs. Or, he can go online and wait three weeks to get three CDs. Or, he can swap MP3s with his friend Ted and keep his money. What should Billy do?

Are these Phish CDs? If not, Billy should swap MP3s -- and go out and get drunk.

4. You recently appeared on an episode of The Simpsons. What is the best Simpsons episode ever?

Oh, oh, oh! This is easy. ''A Streetcar Named Marge.'' That may have been the best TV show ever.

5. Really? I'm partial to the one with Lurleen Lumpkin.

Ohmigosh! [Wistful pause] That was sooo good.

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