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Jason Falkner Takes on the Fab Four

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THE LITE ALBUM Fans of power-pop favorite Jason Falkner (Jellyfish, the Grays) might have missed his latest album. Titled Bedtime With the Beatles: Instrumental Versions of Classic Beatles Songs, the CD—put out by kids' label Sony Wonder—could easily be mistaken for Muzakish cheese. In fact, Falkner's name doesn't appear anywhere on the generic-looking cover or spine (there is, however, a ''Produced Arranged And Performed by...'' credit on the back). ''I kind of like that it's anonymous like that,'' says Falkner, who also recently released Necessity: The 4-Track Years, a disc of archival home recordings. ''I didn't want it to be, 'Jason Falkner presents...' I was torn, because in my experience these kinds of records are not something I'd want to listen to. A lot of them are kind of dumbed down. My biggest challenge was to not make it like one of those records.'' Sure enough, Bedtime is a cut above other such projects, although it's still unmistakably easy listening. Says Falkner: ''My objective was to not wake anybody up, which is the opposite of how you normally make a record.''

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