'A Hard Day's Night' and the 100 Best Movie Soundtracks


"Ew, baump baump, po-chick, chicka chicka..." Unless you sat out the teen-movie boom of the late '80s, these linguistic spasms—when sputtered in low-register voice—should lend themselves to one equally baritone response: Ooooooh yeaaah. A soundtrack staple for 15 years, Yello's "Oh Yeah" is just one of the many songs that seem to get more airplay on the big screen than the boom box.

SONG "Bad to the Bone," George Thorogood & the Destroyers TYPICALLY ACCOMPANIES A villain about to get his comeuppance APPEARS IN Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Problem Child, Christine, 3000 Miles to Graceland

SONG "Bust a Move," Young MC TYPICALLY ACCOMPANIES Dorky dudes dancing APPEARS IN The Replacements; Dude, Where's My Car?; See Spot Run; Uncle Buck

SONG "The Power," Snap! TYPICALLY ACCOMPANIES Rollicking party sequences or bar-table dances APPEARS IN Under Siege, Coyote Ugly, Three Kings, Hudson Hawk

SONG "I Got You (I Feel Good)," James Brown TYPICALLY ACCOMPANIES People feeling good APPEARS IN Dr. Dolittle; Exit Wounds; Good Morning, Vietnam; Isn't She Great; K-9; The Nutty Professor; White Men Can't Jump

SONG "Rock and Roll Part 2," Gary Glitter TYPICALLY ACCOMPANIES A team of outcasts preparing to prove themselves APPEARS IN The Full Monty, Duets, D2: The Mighty Ducks, Bedazzled, Sugar & Spice

SONG "Respect," Aretha Franklin TYPICALLY ACCOMPANIES '60s nostalgia; rise of the underdog APPEARS IN Back to School, Forrest Gump, Mystic Pizza, Platoon

SONG "Walking on Sunshine," Katrina and the Waves TYPICALLY ACCOMPANIES Giddy romantic infatuation; talking babies APPEARS IN American Psycho, Look Who's Talking, The Secret of My Success, High Fidelity

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