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Details on a Josh Hartnett/Harrison Ford comedy -- Ford plays a movie-star vet in ''Hollywood Homicide,'' an action yukker that spoofs the lives of career detectives in Tinseltown

Josh Hartnett | COP ED Hartnett takes some ''Blue'' notes from Ford
Image credit: Josh Hartnett: Jean-Paul Aussenard/
COP ED Hartnett takes some ''Blue'' notes from Ford

While working on the police drama ''Dark Blue'' (opening Feb. 21), starring Kurt Russell, director Ron Shelton chatted regularly with his technical adviser, retired L.A. detective Robert Souza. ''By the end, I [thought], There's a movie to be made about the sometimes comically absurd lives of these career Hollywood homicide detectives.''

Thus ''Hollywood Homicide,'' Shelton's police action-comedy, starring Josh Hartnett -- and, in a return to his lighter side, Harrison Ford. ''In a certain way, it's the twinkle of the guy of 'Indiana Jones,''' Shelton says. ''It's about a veteran detective, and Harrison is a veteran movie star. I gave him an opportunity to let some of the flaws and wrinkles show.''

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