Movie Review

The Omega Code (1999)

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Details Rated: PG-13; Length: 99 Minutes; Genres: Horror, Mystery and Thriller; With: Casper Van Dien and Michael York

The way apocalypse novels and videos are glutting evangelical culture, you might think the Antichrist's story is the greatest ever told. The Trinity Broadcasting Network backed this last-days thriller that gives ''Great Tribulation'' new meaning. As the satanic tyro schmoozing his way to world domination, Michael York is such an ineffectual Beast, he can't make a move without consulting prophetic aphorisms locked within the Bible Code. Keeper of the CD-ROM containing said code's secrets is Starship Troopers' Casper Van Dien, overemoting as if to hasten the end of his career, if not the world. Even Christians hip to TBN preach- ers' peculiar eschatology may be baffled by the incoherent wrap-up, which provides the stingiest Second Coming since the third Omen movie. D-

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