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Neal Diamond gets ''Lost & Found''

The rock star lets David Spade use his hit song for his new movie

Not everyone thinks imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Take Neil Diamond. When producers of the new David Spade flick Lost & Found asked the pop idol for permission to use his song ''Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show,'' his handlers wouldn't agree until they saw a taped preview of the scene in which Spade lip-synchs and croons the tune. ''I did it exactly like I did it in the movie, but I sang the whole song,'' says Spade, who admits to being a serious fan. ''And we waited and waited, and they finally called and said, 'All right.''' Now, says Spade, ''I'd love to sing it in a concert with him.''

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Originally posted Apr 30, 1999 Published in issue #483 Apr 30, 1999 Order article reprints

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