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Justin Timberlake's French toast is sold on eBay--Teen paid $1,025 for the 'N Sync member's leftover breakfast

Our most burning question yet! Who the heck would pay $1,025 for two slices of singed French Toast? That'd be 'N Sync fan Kathy Summers, 19. The bread in question was left behind on March 9 by Justin Timberlake when he finished a breakfast interview at the studio of New York-area radio station Z-100. Its DJ put the toast on eBay, where Summers won a heated bidding war. ''I'll probably freeze-dry it, then seal it...then put it on my dresser,'' says the Madison, Wis.-based student. Meanwhile, the chef wants to know why Timberlake neglected the morning confection: ''He didn't like them?'' Timberlake is mum, but Summers says the slices ''look a little bit on the burnt side.''

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