Building Animal House

Landis: The president of the University of Oregon at Eugene read the script and didn't like it. But he also remembered that he read The Graduate and didn't like it. So he figured, what the hell?

Furst: I had a Flounder moment at the airport before we flew to Oregon. I was introduced to Peter Riegert and I said, ''Don't look now, but right behind you is Bette Midler!'' He looks at me and says ''Let me introduce you to my girlfriend.''

Landis: I got approval to bring all the Deltas up there five days early — just to bond.

James Widdoes (Hoover): It was like freshman orientation. There was a lot of getting to know each other and calling each other by our character names. All of a sudden I was Hoov.

Landis: The Delta House graffiti was done by them that week.

Miller: When the Omegas showed up, they were instantly hated. And they were like, ''What did we do?''

Metcalf: I'm told I walked in and John [Landis] said, ''Hey, it's Neidermeyer!!!'' and everybody threw food at me. I've buried it, but it comes back to me now and again in dreams.

Peter Riegert (Boone): The first night we were all together, it was like The Magnificent Seven. Everybody held their ground like, ''You're not going to take this scene from me.''

Furst: I was so petrified. I walked in to that first dinner and there was a chair way at the end of the table and there was a chair next to Belushi. I started to walk to the end, he came over and grabbed me. He said, ''Here, sit next to me...and don't move!''

Matheson: One night there was a mixer over at one of the fraternities and these girls invited us along. So we all la-di-da'd into the SAE house...

McGill: It was the wealthy jock fraternity — and they were having a huge party. The place was rockin'. We got there, thinking we're invited. But as soon as we walked in, it was really ugly. They started cussing at us and calling us Hollywood faggots.

Matheson: As we were heading out, the front yard was filled with drunk football players dying for blood. And Jamie Widdoes threw a cup of beer and that ignited everything.

McGill: Before you know it Peter Riegert is airborne, and Jamie Widdoes is getting pounded. And they circled up on Tim. I wasn't sure whether I should go in there swinging. And as soon as I got up there I got sucker punched.

Widdoes: I just know I ended up on the ground getting kicked. I was in the dentist's chair at 8 the next morning because I got my teeth knocked in.

McGill: I got stomped bad. I had a black eye like one of those Tareyton cigarette commercials. We didn't tell Landis. I told him I got my black eye playing touch football. But he found out.


McGill: After that we figured we weren't too welcome with the locals. We were all out at this motel on the freeway called the Rodeway Inn.

Riegert: It was a kind of campus. We all had gargantuan energy and no families or anything, so you never slept.


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