Julianne Philips

An update on where Bruce Springsteen's first wife is now

The woman who first captured the Boss's hungry heart was model/actress Julianne Phillips. After an eight-month courtship, the two married in Lake Oswego, Ore., on May 13, 1985.

But when the marriage crumbled, Phillips struck a no-talk divorce settlement in 1988 and intensified her acting classes. ''I took two years off and said, 'I'm not working till I graduate,''' she later explained.

Though she'd already appeared in 1989's Skin Deep and Fletch Lives, the study paid off. Phillips, now 36, spent five seasons (1990-1995) as good-hearted Frankie Reed in NBC's drama Sisters. Still single and living in L.A., she most recently appeared in ABC's 1997 TV movie Tidal Wave: No Escape.

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