Burning Question

Dead Man Smoking?

''The X-Files'' regular was shot in the Nov. 9 episode

Q Since The X-Files' William B. Davis (below) was seemingly felled by a gunshot wound on the Nov. 9 episode, rabid X-Philes have been debating the TV topic of the moment: Is Cancer Man really dead?

A No. Make that a qualified no. Or a ''probably not.'' As with all things X-Files, nothing's ever clear-cut. ''There were very pointed clues [in the episode] to the answer,'' says X-Files creator Chris Carter, who notes that Skinner reports Cancer Man's body hasn't been found, but there was so much blood he couldn't have lived. ''Mulder does a double take at that -- which should tell you a lot.'' Carter also points out that Davis is in next summer's X-Files feature film. Clearly, Cancer Man has not inhaled his last smoke. But then, in full conspiracy mode, Carter adds: ''Not that we haven't brought deceased characters back before, in flashbacks or more paranormal ways. The great thing about The X-Files is that anything can happen.'' So, the truth is somewhere out there.

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