Video Review

Getting Away With Murder

MPAA Rating: R

Details Movie Rated: R; Genre: Comedy; With: Dan Aykroyd and Jack Lemmon

Release delays and limited theatrical runs for comedies with seemingly solid casts don't always indicate a problem film, but they do in the case of writer-director Harvey Miller's paean to one man's attempt at righteousness. In Getting Away With Murder, ethics professor and upstanding citizen Jack Lambert (Dan Aykroyd) discovers he may be living next door to a Nazi war criminal (Jack Lemmon) and decides it's his duty to make sure justice is served. But is his neighbor really whom the FBI says he is? What could have been a smart and sardonic — not to mention timely — social commentary turns into a humorless collection of caricatures that even the more forgiving video screen doesn't improve. C-

Originally posted Aug 23, 1996 Published in issue #341-342 Aug 23, 1996 Order article reprints

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