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Chain Reaction

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Details Movie Rated: PG-13; Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery and Thriller; With: Morgan Freeman, Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz; Distributor: Fox Home Video

In Chain Reaction, Keanu Reeves is barely believable as a bright lab assistant who stumbles upon the key to a new energy source — and he's only slightly more convincing after that discovery turns him into an action hero on the run. Pursued by shadowy CIA types, Reeves musters all the intensity of a checkout clerk bagging groceries. Or maybe he's just dazed and confused by a murky conspiracy plot that'll have you rewinding as you try to decipher who's doing what and why. But you'd be wise to stick to the chase, which action auteur Andrew Davis (The Fugitive) has directed at a hurtling pace that reinforces the movie's title. His showstopping scenes — including a lab explosion that lights up half of Chicago — will always belong on the big screen, but their kinetic pop comes across on any size TV. B-

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