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R. Crumb Screensaver & Companion

Legendary underground-comix artist Robert Crumb is not known for taking kindly to commercializations of his work (he once put an ice pick into Fritz the Cat's head in response to the Ralph Bakshi movie), and, his assent notwithstanding, he probably won't much like this collection of animated screensavers, computer wallpaper, and calendar pages. Fritz is here, as well as the ''Keep on Truckin''' guys, but overall, R. Crumb Screensaver & Companion plays to simpleminded '60s nostalgia, presenting Crumb merely as a happy-hippie relic. He was, in fact, the era's most ingenious parodist, but you can't tell that by the benign images on display here. C

Originally posted Jan 13, 1995 Published in issue #257 Jan 13, 1995 Order article reprints

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