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Soap Star Drake Hogestyn -- The "Days of Our Lives" star tells us about his character and winning Hottest Male Star

In his nine years on Days of Our Lives, Drake Hogestyn has changed personas the way some people change socks. Puzzled? You're not alone. ''I'm confused, too,'' says Hogestyn. He's played cop, spy, amnesiac, and now a priest called John Black. ''I keep a scoreboard in my dressing room,'' he says. ''It tells who I know, the alleys I've been down, the women I've been with.'' A married father of four, Hogestyn, 41, is a fan fave no matter who his character is or was involved with: In 1994 he was Soap Opera Digest's Hottest Male Star, and he has racked up other awards for his chest and his lips. ''I think they've given me awards for every body part,'' he says, laughing. ''I take it tongue in cheek.'' Actually, he hasn't won for either of those. Yet.

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