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The Dallas Connection

MPAA Rating: R

Details Movie Rated: R; Genre: Action/Adventure; With: Julie Strain and Bruce Penhall

Sad to say, they don't even make Andy Sidaris movies the way they used to. For 15 or so years, Sidaris leavened his regular gig as a director for ABC Sports with a series of wonderfully brain-dead action films, shot largely at his vacation home in Molokai, Hawaii, and featuring preposterous espionage plots and a cast of ex-Playmates and former Mr. Universes who between them may have kept the silicone and steroid industries afloat. Unfortunately, Andy merely executive-produced The Dallas Connection, leaving son Christian to script and other son Drew to direct. Now the pacing is as padded as the cast, the sense of goofy T&A outrageousness is missing, and the script blows its one howler (''To be a world-renowned scientist and have the body of a Greek god — you're too much, Jean-Pierre'') in the first scene. D

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