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Space Cadets

Roll call for "Star Trek Voyager" -- We get the lowdown on the show's cast, from Tim Russ and Robert Beltran to Jennifer Lien and Kate Mulgrew

Role: Capt. Kathryn Janeway. Think: Hillary Clinton mind-melded with Picard. Age: 39. Past role: Mrs. Columbo in Mrs. Columbo. She says: ''Women in power can be comfortable in their gender. It doesn't always have to be about genitalia.''

Role: Chakotay, mystically attuned Native American first officer. Think: Dances with Klingons. Age: 37. Past role: Lieutenant Soto in Models Inc. He says: ''In science fiction, which is so technical, a character that's connected to his culture adds a nice dimension.''

Role: Lieut. Tom Paris, love-'em-and-leave-'em ship's pilot. Think: Han Solo with Jim Kirk's hormones. Age: 30. Past role: A squad leader on the Next Generation episode ''The First Duty.'' He says: ''Paris loves to flirt, and with a female captain, that dynamic is going to creep into their relationship.''

Role: Tuvok, Vulcan tactical/security officer. Think: A less emotional Spock. Age: 38. Past role: Tactical officer in Star Trek Generations. He says: ''A black Vulcan could easily occur. Vulcan is a hot planet, it's very toasty. Most of them should have been dark-skinned.''

Role: Ensign Harry Kim, wet-behind-the-ears communication officer. Think: Sulu cum Wesley Crusher. Age: 26. Past role: A boyfriend on All-American Girl. He says: ''Every time they want a (reaction) shot, they go to Harry. I've perfected 20 ways to look surprised.''

Role: B'Elanna Torres, brooding half-Klingon/half-human chief engineer. Think: Worf and Geordi's secret love child. Age: 30. Past role: Adrienne Morrow on Another World. She says: ''What makes her happy are instruments and machines. She relates better to a ship than she does to people.''

Role: Doc Zimmerman, testy holographic ship's doctor. Think: Data with a microchip on his shoulder. Age: 41. Past role: Dr. Dick Richard on China Beach. He says: ''Doc aspires to be human, but he would not admit it to himself. Data would admit it to himself.''

Role: Neelix, a Talaxian, the ship's cook (and comic relief). Think: Quark with goofy hair. Age: 39. Past role: Press aide Pete Downey on Benson. He says: ''On Talax, Neelix was a male model. He's a very sexy guy. He's the Robert Redford of Talax.''

Role: Neelix's lover, Kes, a one-year-old Ocampa (who have nine-year life spans). Think: Yeoman Rand and a Keebler elf, after a transporter accident. Age: 20. Past role: Hannah on Another World. She says: ''Kes represents something innocent and honest and sensitive. Kes is brand-new.''

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