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A Title Wave

Hollywood's dream team -- Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberger, and David Geffen create DreamWorks SKG

Given how long we waited for Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg, and David Geffen (right) to name their company, any title was bound to disappoint. But DreamWorks SKG? It's so uninspired. Or is it? Suspecting there might be some hidden meaning, we rearranged the letters in DreamWorks and came up with these anagrams:
Mad Workers
Darker M.O.W.s
(movies-of-the-week) Mad Reworks
Dorm Wakers
Sword Maker
R.O.M. Wardesk
Armed Works
Swarm O' Drek

Not much here. Maybe the moguls should have just rearranged the letters of their famous last names. Though who'd want to do business with a company called Barkeepers Bent Egg Fez Fling?

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