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Naked in New York

It's probably every playwright's fantasy to have his first Off Broadway production become an artistic trial of endurance, with aging soap stars wanting to sleep with him while he tries to work things out with his beautiful girlfriend. And it's probably every young movie director's fantasy to have his quirky first film executive-produced by Martin Scorsese, guaranteeing an ensemble cast of slightly faded celebs (Jill Clayburgh, Tony Curtis) and cameos by assorted Manhattan hipsters (Eric Bogosian, Quentin Crisp). Both dreams converge in Naked in New York: Dan Algrant's directorial debut casts Stoltz as the young dramatist who serves as his alter ego — an alter ego plagued by hallucinations, an irritating love life, and his first big break. Yet the unfortunate fact remains: Fantasies can be very disappointing when made real. C-

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