Video Review

Clear and Present Danger

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Details Movie Rated: PG-13; Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery and Thriller; With: Henry Czerny, Willem Dafoe, Harrison Ford and James Earl Jones

It's as if Alec Baldwin had never played Jack Ryan, hero of Tom Clancy's best-selling The Hunt for Red October and its movie adaptation. That's how Ford makes you feel as he deftly dodges the crossfire during a sneaky CIA war against Colombian drug lords in Clear and Present Danger. Of course, there's more to this third Clancy thriller than heroics. There's heart-stopping action (a multiple-sniper attack on Ryan's motorcade), high-tech hardware (a frighteningly effective laser-guided missile), and even some suspenseful software: a dueling-keyboards race to print out incriminating agency files before they can be deleted. Not surprisingly, this sequence makes a picture-perfect fit on a TV screen. Call it state-of-the-art 1990s intrigue. A-

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